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  1. That’s impressive! Well done. This type of vehicles phev are really good for specific group of people that drive mostly on short distance and occasional long drives, I wonder how beneficial will be for me if I have one of these ., my drive will be 80% in hybrid mode and 20% pure ev eventually since this percentage actually represents my driving needs motorways and town. Recent warm weather my old Auris is doing excellent, once I am in town can drive in pure ev for ages however with ac running battery goes down quickly, here a car like yours will be so beneficial. , and in Uk they are same pric
  2. Good job done! This is the most important filter in any car , protecting driver and passengers from pollution and dust. Very strange decision from Toyota not to include one, cost cutting perhaps. A worthy diy project for any aygo without ac. 👍
  3. Yes, never had one I can confirm that too. 👍
  4. You are right, single bad experience it’s not the best example although has not been only once but many times on few different cars including hybrids. I use around 100 ltr of petrol per week and got my thoughts and only sharing with you., no doubt everyone has its best preferences. 👍
  5. Yes it states 95 as minimum however there is no benefit from using higher octane, additives are way better choice. Quality of the fuel, purity and cleanliness of the garages tanks where fuel is stored are important. Contaminated fuel with dirt, water or oil happens sometimes and this is worst for the engine. I have bad experience filling up with 98 from esso garage in London, the car was almost impossible to drive, that bad quality, I had to fill up ASAP with petrol from another place and use some additives to clean the fuel system. Lesson learned, never again higher octane petrol from not so
  6. When you turn the steering wheel and the fog light comes on with it to lighten up the area you tuning into., turn to the left and the left fog comes on, then to the right and the right fog comes on, that’s typical for the vag cars, I really don’t like it at all plus very often make me stop at the roundabout when a car is approaching and turning slightly the fog comes one and tricks me it’s a turn signal therefore I quickly react and slow down unnecessarily then realise it’s a fog light not turn signal, happens so many times. If you have a good main lights no really need that extra . 👍
  7. Hi, you can use this website to compare sizes and see if they will fit. https://www.wheel-size.com 👍
  8. Here is the picture of the repair after an year of daily use.
  9. Hi, I have been using these repair kits for many years, once had done correctly it’s a lifetime repair although tyre repair shops will say otherwise and will offer proper repair, legally not sure however I had pass many mot test without any problems. Here is my latest example, second day after new tyres were fitted last year I found a nail in, horrible place, done with that kit and no issues ever since. 30K + motorway miles. My dad has in his car for over 4 years without issues too, but he doesn’t drive much. I will take some new pictures and share how looks after a year drive.👍
  10. Hi, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/303506971578 this is all that you need and an air compressor, works much better than any sealant plus the tyre can be permanently fixed using it. , or if you prefer you can just buy a bottle of any other non genuine Toyota sealant, works the same . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/401910669482 👍🚗
  11. Hi, you can try Kenu Air frame, high quality phone holders, I been using them since early 2013 on various Toyota models including Prius 2010-2015 with success. Regards
  12. Tyre noise could be because of the wrong pressures, dealers tend to over pressure the tyres most of the time by a lot. Recent new car delivery just proved that, 3.1 bars against 2.5.🤭, best to get it check properly in the morning with good digital gauge on cold before the car been driven or sun had it seen . I just done that on mine yesterday and such an improvement in noise and quality of the drive, even on smaller wheels with more rubber on them. Vibrations and bad drive are also possible as a result of over pressure tyres. 👍 Smart entry and push button start it’s absolutely greatest extr
  13. I keep ac off most of the time, heating set at 22C° blower fan speed two and air vent windscreen plus footwell, I have home dehumidifier set in one of the rear doors and one microwave bag in the spare wheel compartment to keep moisture away from the hv battery, no problems at all.
  14. Hi, you most likely have detached a heat shield along the exhaust or exhaust bracket or perhaps your car has fitted catalytic converter plate and possibly is touching the exhaust somewhere, since the cold engine is running at higher rpm and more vibration can eventually touch any of these or make them rattle. You can point that to the mechanics who will get your car check soon. But that’s will have no impact on your fuel consumption. Good luck
  15. Hi, if you know what you are doing 1 ltr of brake fluid is enough. I had done flushing myself few times on two different cars, it’s an easy job but you will need someone to help. I used ATE dot3 bought from Eurocarparts around £12 for a 1ltr metal can., that is for hybrid Auris, perhaps yours might be different type, check your user manual. Regards
  16. On my car happens same, the driver side had clouded more than the left one and I know the reason, the way I park is against the sun and the left light get a bit more sun shed from the house 🏡 and been less exposed.
  17. There is one more thing, your cars are perhaps slightly quieter even on motorway speeds as the ice works at lower rpm and when that happens the other noises like tyre noise, wind noise are more pronouncing inside the cabin, sound proofing should be better than previous models but definitely not as good as European cars, German brands especially, they are the best for motorway journeys although lack of good reliable drivetrains 👍
  18. This one is very good indeed, on my old Auris reads almost everything and also gives you an option to disable alarm beeps for seat belts and reverse, some other preferences too if I remember correctly. It’s a good device although to get all the benefits from the app you have to purchase a subscription plan. 👍
  19. Quality fuel no need to be 98 or 100., as long as it’s clean and the engine runs well. I had some trouble filling up from local shell, very convenient for me but sadly poor quality, I felt the car doesn’t accelerates how should be and poor mpg plus pulsating when pushed hard, stopped using that garage, cleaned the system with additives and use only local BP that works best for me, no more trouble, accelerates faster, engine runs smoothly and efficiency had been improved , that what I called quality fuel. Ok it’s £1.35 to the litre but worth it mote than other £125. 👍
  20. Looks as good results from 2.0 TS with 18” wheels 👌
  21. It seems it’s your first hybrid, if yes you have a long way to go to get to know your car performance and behaviour. Forget about the dashboard information, just double check your tyre pressures on cold, make sure they are exactly as recommended and drive the car for 200 miles, then fill up again at the same garage, do your maths and if again far from 50-55mpg you can worry about and get it back to the garage you bought it. But if you drive on super short distance only like 2 miles or so don’t expect to get very good efficiency. Toyota hybrids does start with a lot of clunky, clicking and ratt
  22. The idea of clutch clean itself make sense but that if the car is new, or the clutch is new, here we have an older car with probably already worn out clutch and IMO the op should get it replaced ASAP. There is nothing better than using original parts where possible, however good quality aftermarket like blueprint are also recommended as these are almost as good as oem or exact same quality, some others not really and the price it’s not the only difference between oem and third party parts, the difference in quality and performance can be huge. It’s up to the owner what to do from now, all comm
  23. Well, it seems you have it all wrong then. The 576 miles estimate range when the tank was full is calculated on the previous average consumption and quantity of fuel in the tank, the 18.5mpg was the average consumption for the 0.3mile journey you have completed, there is nothing strange here, short journeys means low mpg., the 270 miles if definitely out of 43l tank is low for sure but how accurate were your measurements is the question here and how do you use your car (how efficient you drive and this can include time and place of your journeys, duration, driving style , road surfaces, weath
  24. Hi, a large percentage of the Uk roads has horrible surfaces that makes any car noisy., as you had experienced change of road surface made a huge difference, happens to me on daily basis since I am a high miles motorway driver. Yes, tyres can make a difference and the one that Corolla comes with are not of the best to choose and some owners have replaced those with better ones like Michelin cross climates or pilot sport. If your car has 16” or 17” you will have greater choice of summer touring tyres which are one of the quietest to choose and also most comfortable. 18” low profile tyres u
  25. Hi, have you emptied the tank completely, 576 is very optimistic however if you are careful driver close to 500 can be achieved. In the worst case scenario should be 400 and above. Fuel consumption should be calculated as you fill up full and drive for a while and fill up again, then do your calculations and you will get real average consumption. 👍
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