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  1. My one it’s the same and it’s not the first car to do that, all of my Japanese cars had done it for some reason, perhaps as Gerg post’s explained.
  2. It doesn’t change much for the car owners 5 or 3 years since if you like to be covered best is to stick with dealers servicing, now is just clear, if you want warranty up to 10 years and 100k miles stay with Toyota no matter for what purpose you are using the car and if you are the second, the third or the next owner. Smart move.
  3. Yeah as long as you drive within the mileage restriction and service in the dealer network, it’s a win win for all. Taxis, private hire and all other business users are included, that’s a good deal.
  4. Hi, yes all cars have temperature sensor on the dashboard around the steering wheel and if not too hot outside the car air con system sucks colder air from outside and the compressor doesn’t need to work too hard., if outside air is hot the car automatically goes into recirculating mode and eases the work of the compressor. When AC is on and works hard the car reduces its ev time a lot., the ice kicks in more often while driving in town especially. 👍
  5. I haven’t used mine for months, turned ON the other day set at 22C° wasn’t blowing too cold but outside wasn’t too hot either, yesterday used again and was blowing freezing cold 🥶❄️👌, nice as always😊. Auris gen 1 has really good air con/heating system., can’t complain here. I do recommended service every 2-3 years and cabin filter change 5 times a year due to a higher miles. Blower motor never turned off always spinning at speed 2.
  6. That’s right, fresh quality batteries are the best choice. I have my spare key fob in place and battery always dies for a year or so while the one that I use every day lasts longer, two years let say. Now I have a spare battery kept in packaging next to the spare remote and when if needed I will install the spare battery prior to use it, one more spare battery in glove box for an emergencies 👍🔋✅
  7. Hi, these sensors when oem usually lasts long although may get dirty and start sending false readings to the ecu due to a poor fuel quality or short town trips, or combination of both. Best and first step is to try to solve your issues using fuel additives. Wynns catalytic converter and lambda sensor cleaner is one of the best products available on the market and works magic. Just ad to max of 30 ltr of petrol and take the car to the motorway for 30-60 min drive, high speed is not important but higher rpm and continuous drive to rise the exhaust temperature and burn out all the carbon bui
  8. These filters only make engine sound noisier, best to stick with good quality one and change more often, Blueprint highly recommended. 👍
  9. That s great, just another reason to buy Toyota cars and products. Well done. If you buy a new Toyota now in 2021 which actually is the most sensible choice for most drivers you are covered by the manufacturer for 5 years and another 5 on top if you continue to service with them and drive normally, not excessively. , what more can you ask for!? 👍👌🚗
  10. Wheel sizes depends on trim levels and engine choices, starts from 16”-18” , best size for the car IMO is 17”, looks cool enough and drive is slightly better plus the tyres are cheaper but all depends of personal preferences, 16”:wheels also suits the car well, although look a bit on the smaller size. The 18” really fill the gap of the large arches but the road noise and comfort are a level down from other two options, perhaps better tyres can do it as many owners switch to Michelin and reported great results. 👍🚗🚙
  11. Gear oil should never be overfilled and your mechanic is right, blow the seals, cause extra drug inside reducing the fuel efficiency. If you get the car levelled off the ground you can fill up required quantity 1.7ltr until is starting to drip, if not able to level the car drain and refill up to the quantity of 1.7ltr , more oil in can be as bad as less oil or even worse. Keep at correct level is the best. 👍
  12. Lol, your mechanic should click done each time he torque the wheel nuts 🔩 ✅ , they should be dry fit too, no any grease on them. , I have seen people are going crazy with grease around that area, wheel nuts, brake discs, pads and hubs., all that causes nothing but trouble 👍
  13. TonyHSD

    Brake discs

    Hi, the rust that accumulates on the outer side of the brake disc is because of the brake pads not able to clamp with enough force to clean the friction surface caused by stuck slider pins and rust. Hard braking will not help I am afraid and with the time the brake discs will become worse. Best to prevent that from happening is to do a brake clean and lube every 2-3 years or if you drive a lot on yearly basis. If you only do that without changing the brake fluid it’s a simple job and easy done as diy, all you need is to take the pins out clean and lube with silicone grease or Toyota pin
  14. I agree, once the manufacturer warranty expires after the 5th year it might be a better option to service the car at local trusted independent or by yourself as diy. It will all depend of personal circumstances of course and ability to do so. Toyota cars in general are well made and easy to maintain, plus they last for longer than any other cars. In my case I use my old Auris for work and travel sometimes excess of 1000 miles per week, do my own service with genuine parts as per the manual. The savings from not going to the dealer garages are huge, savings from fuel bill are good too, so far
  15. Hi, if you are coming from a polo you will be fine with Corolla, the rear leg room is limited however if the driver it’s not very tall then it’s ok and the boot will be enough fir most prams, I have seen 3 electric scooters xiaomi fitted into a Corolla hatchback without folding rear seats . But best to try prior to purchase as been advised. Corolla hybrid it’s definitely an upgrade over any vw 👌✅👍
  16. Beautiful car and great choice of colour and trim 🚘👌✅
  17. Hi, these are old recalls, few years back I had them done on my mk1. Air bag, fuel filler, and ecu update if your one is a hybrid, I think these are the most recent recalls. Regards
  18. That’s interesting, usually the egr in modern cars provides hot air with exhaust gases which is also cooled via the egr cooler then enter the intake manifold for a second burn. Hotter air intake perhaps lower the amount of fuel and emissions to some extent?,. The nitro system on the other hand does provide more oxygen, colder air and more fuel can be burned for extra power. No argument though, I am not an ice engineer 😉👍
  19. Falken on new Corolla also comes from Japan and many owners complain, can it be down to climate difference and rubber compound used for the different regions?! Not sure though, but I noticed that Korean brands like Hankook, Nexen Kumho perform better in Uk than the Japanese made Bridgestone, Yokohama, Falken etc., just my experience. Also there is size and model difference, some smaller sizes have much different qualities from their bigger ones from the same brand. Tyres are very tricky thing especially if you are picky and value their properties. How I done my car with 16” conversion with GY
  20. Hi, I have use Goodyear efficient grip performance 2 since last March and previous gen of the same tyres since 2016 for my summer driving and I find these one of the best if not the best tyres in terms of comfort, dry and wet handling plus efficiency. You don’t actually feel the car any different in the wet and these are great driving through water on motorway too. They also last long enough to warrant another future purchase. Highly recommended. My experience with Toyo, Kumho and similar mid range tyres is that they are as good as Michelin and Goodyear but only the first 10-20k miles or
  21. I think most newer cars made after 2009 have ABS plus EBD electronic pumps (servos) that distributes brake force between front and rear axle so can get better shorter stopping. Yesterday I noticed a Mercedes Eclass estate late hard braking next to me and when he stopped completely the car did not rise the front like would expect from older type cars but the whole car rise up and rear axle was obviously loaded with more brake as it’s jumped up more than the front, I was surprised to see that but it’s not a first time, also noticed that on bmw 3 series. Your Auris even non hybrid may well have s
  22. This is possibly the best extra that you can add to the car and the flat floor is unrivalled, the hatchback can become a small estate 👌, that new blue colour also looks very good on Corolla🚙 👍
  23. This would be beneficial for me especially when going back home after long drives and stuck in stop start traffic on the motorway and my head is heavy, I usually leave longer space between me and the car on front to prevent any need of safety sense braking since my old motor doesn’t have one, however there are always fast fellas that acquire the space quickly and make me use the brakes, you know which makes car owners I am taking about, and yes they doesn’t like hybrids, but my one is undercover and they still given dirty looks from time to time🤭😀👌
  24. There are two unpleasant sounds , first one is the typical Toyota engine sound, all Priuses and other hybrids sounds like that, the second is more rough and keeps coming and going, that might be some pulley or bearings, whatever has ones and they rotate with the crankshaft or the belt itself, or even the timing chain. If it’s me I will change the oil and do engine flush, than will change the belt with Gates, these are one of the best belts available and often fix exactly similar issues, however needs to be diagnosed first, than will look for anything else, but tbh if you don’t hear it inside,
  25. Why would it need a warm air from the engine?! I think this is wrong and perhaps it’s not designed for that in mind., usually ice needs oxygen rich air (colder air) for better fuel burning., better burning equals more power and less emissions., I believe that’s the reason for inter cooler on turbo engines. I also had my best fuel consumption recorded in negative temperatures after long drives at nights. The biggest worry about air intake should be any possibility of water been sucked and destroyed engine, anything else comes as not that important to me. Toyota seems to be doing well in these t
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