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  1. This is normal operation of the brakes on any automatic car, where there is a friction there is a noise too. It’s not because of anything wrong with them, braking hard will not help to clean the discs if you don’t drive the car regularly, pads especially before bed in process is complete are in constant contact with discs , then after you have bedded in correctly the tolerance between pads and discs are so small that driving a car once a week for a 20 miles is enough to keep them clean. If you get rusty discs that is almost certainly mean you have sliding pins rusted too so taking everything a
  2. That was super interesting, the RAV4 suppliers sounds better and more familiar to me, the Corolla is international product where Rav is Japanese correct?
  3. Hi, the universal joint Might be the case , but sometimes is the gear set where electric motor is and or the rake adjustment mechanics. Lubrications may help but you need to dismantle and investigate. It’s not so difficult once you take of the steering wheel, you don’t need actually to remove the whole column or the drive shafts. I have that problem with many Toyotas and with some started as early as 14k miles and few months old, my current car has same rattling while driving over rough terrain and when you grab the steering wheel 12 and 6 o’clock and shake it up and down has excessive play,
  4. Highly recommended to use Only Toyota own transmission oil! You can use any other that same spec but make sure is same and because you can’t really be sure it is use only the genuine Toyota oil.
  5. Hi, transmission wise as you think maybe is the issue, clutch etc. Engine mounts to check you need someone to help., stab the throttle while you watching them moving, best to use a torch even in day light, because sometimes to find a faulty mount is very tricky. Excessive play in exhaust system may also cause similar troubles so good to check that too if you haven’t already. Good luck
  6. Are u 100% sure will fail the license application? You can always stand against it and get Toyota involved too. If factory tinted this is a family car not a boy racer so should be within the limits. Councils sometimes are applying non sense rules that can be changed, not easy though but not impossible. I personally wouldn’t cancel my order for that reason and will go against them, if I loose at the end will just pill of the foil and past the license checks. I be see so many tinted phv cars.
  7. Cool, I keep my keys in Pepsi can and I think it works great too. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Yeap, most of them are PHV, I have seen many even a hatchback one as taxi and all estates with license stickers, I don’t personally think the new Corolla will replace the Prius but will take a large percentage of the sales, Toyota wins anyway, the question is not what make when looking for a hybrid but what model. Toyota / Lexus still remains the best hybrids.
  9. They might have been mixed again two type of transmission here, MMT & CVT. Cvt has a torque converter not a clutch plate , Toyota cvt’s are known to be on the good side as far as good cvt can be. They are not very popular in UK, we do like and drive more hybrids here when choosing an automatic car for a number of reasons. There was a big recall on them in US recently, info can be found online. I personally wouldn’t touch any cvt or mmt transmission from any car manufacturers, they are simply not great to drive and reliability is a questionable, I will buy a manual or hybrid if automa
  10. Oil should be changed every 12 months even the car has only traveled 100 miles, if you don’t now you may don’t next year too and like that we have a nice looking car with neglected engine and high oil consumption. This is the case with many used cars especially the low miles one, it’s not about worry to much it’s about taking care of your car. Brake fluid if car not driven will not get moisture, unless it’s a leak in the system, but you are right , check and lubrications is the most and should be done every two years, same apply for air con and anything else that is in the book. If you may sk
  11. Guys you can look at EBC BRAKES, this are UK made and as good or even better than the big brand names TMD.
  12. Can you make some record and then post it here, may give us more clue.
  13. Hi, manufacturer recommend 10k miles or 12 months service intervals, I think best for the car and for your record is to get the oil and oil filter change and air and pollen filters checked, get a new MOT and you are ready for another 12 months of joy and pride, or just sell it to someone who is going to use it regularly. Cars love to be used daily. Regards
  14. Well it’s not cheap. £130 but could have be worse if fail the test and got charged £108 just for test. Thanks a lot.
  15. How much did it cost all together?
  16. Don’t forget to reset readings before you start the long journey, I noticed sometimes the dash readings doesn’t change very accurately when driving conditions has been changed and manual reset with buttons helps get more realistic numbers.
  17. 60+ mpg is more than great efficiency, I usually calculate very often the true fuel consumption for various reasons and when compared to the dash readings it’s almost identical .
  18. Well , yes that is the best to rent and try for yourself . Good luck
  19. Hi, you can not constantly cruise at 50mph speed on any mode, maybe from time to time when going downhill and for a very short only. Cruising at around 30-35mph for up to a mile in ideal conditions. You CAN NOT cruise at 50mph in EV mode with any hybrid cars. If you are looking for that type of travel you will need a plug in hybrid, something like Prius Plug in or Mitsubishi Outlander PhEV, Golf GTE etc, they have bigger batteries that can be charged and have a range from 18-30 miles in pure EV mode. The normal hybrid “self charging “from Toyota are simply petrol cars with advanced stop-
  20. If your question is about CVT you may need to change the title, some people can see it and give some information.
  21. Hi, this is not going to be any more difficult than what you already have done so far. There are many videos on YouTube that may help you to locate the drain and refill bolts. Coolant has a draining plug at one of the corners on the radiator, unscrew it few turns and let it drain, than refill , use genuine Toyota coolant and genuine Toyota gearbox oil is the best option. Good luck.
  22. Or you can look at the hybrid one if you are about an automatic, smooth, reliable and most efficient auto in its class.
  23. Hi, back to the garage again and ask for the fault codes from diagnostic and also what is mechanic opinion for the problem, which sensors he cleaned, what he thinks is the problem, anything that can supply further info. Than share with us here and we will take it from there, otherwise we can really help without that info. Regards
  24. Hi, It make sense to me to be a throttle body that needs cleaning the most plus egr and cooler. You have exactly the same symptoms as any other petrol engine car. Always trouble comes in hot weather. At you mileage and if never been done this procedure it’s the right time to do it. Start with throttle body and the sensor mounted on it, than after you can do the other things. YouTube plenty of videos how to. Good luck
  25. If you are an diy person best is to get work done by yourself. Plenty of info here and other websites what and how to service, follow manual too and nothing to worry about it.
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