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  1. Byzii

    every morning starting problem

    In these temperatures I don't think glow plugs are a problem, IIRC they only start working at 5 degrees or so. If the pump has been checked (who did it and how?) and the fuel filter replaced/bypassed, I'd say: SCV valves, especially in this weather Injectors Timing Any other symptoms like poor mpg, white smoke, clatter/knock especially when engine is hot? What happens if you do this: Turn the key to ON position, but DO NOT crank the engine. Wait in this position around 20 seconds Then turn the key to completely off. Turn the key to ON and wait until the glowplug symbol disappears. Then crank. If it starts at first or even an improvement then I'd say check the injectors, shouldn't cost too much to see the values on a computer although it doesn't mean injectors are good.
  2. Byzii

    Weird noise coming from the gas pedal area

    Hey, Do you know whether your car is drive-by-wire or does it have a physical cable going from the gas pedal to the throttle body? Maybe you know this, or you can learn something new about your car while someone more knowledgable comes along. If there's a wire there I guess it could be that pressing on the pedal hard rubs the wire the wrong way? Has this become an issue recently? Or maybe you decided to turn off the radio and noticed the sound?
  3. Byzii

    Toyota T27 D4D 2.0 engine any good

    Hey, Toyota's designation of that engine is 2WW, but you won't find much. The base engine is from BMW, N47D20, you can spend an hour or so looking at people's experiences with it. The gist of it is that these engines had big problems with timing chains, for which BMW had a campaign for but now it's cancelled. Since the car is from 2016, I'd guess that those engines don't have the timing chain problems anymore, although that engine is listed as being produced until 2014, so that's 2 years before Toyota still used it. As for what (if any) modifications Toyota did to the base engine, I have no clue and someone more familiar with this could provide you with information. Taking my experience with BMW engines, they like to use quite a bit of oil, and the service intervals are stretched too far so there are likely problems if owner did the changes on BMWs schedule and didn't check oil on a regular basis. Also those engines stink, and I mean the exhaust gases. Haven't seen a beemer diesel that doesn't stink even when fully warmed up, probably they aren't as efficient as Toyotas engines. I can stand behind a Toyota diesel and not smell s thing.
  4. Byzii

    Engine motor Oil

    By the way, while we're on the subject of C2 oil: Is it bad to use the C2 graded oil in an engine without DPF, only with cat? Or is there no harm in doing so? Last time I had to change the oil, the only available option was A5/B5 (manual states A1/B1 but those aren't available anymore) and it also included C2. I guess it's not bad for the engine since API specs are a lot more broad and if the oil falls under, say, SN, it's good for use, no matter it being A5/B5 with or without C2. Also could usage of C2 actually be better since the cat can clog up as well?
  5. Byzii

    Engine motor Oil

    Hey, What are the prices we're discussing here? Taking into account information from other threads, you guys in UK have incredible prices for original parts from dealerships, often cheaper than aftermarket ones. I would be very concerned about ordering anything for my car from eBay, especially engine oil. I'd encourage to consider what exactly you're saving here. If you save one-time worth of McDonald's visit, is it really worth it if the oil from eBay turns out to be a scam and the engine gets trashed?
  6. Byzii

    Speedo Inaccuracies 2014 Yaris

    This is such a weird thread. The correct answer has been posted numerous times and yet few individuals keep coming back and stew in their own close-mindedness. Really weird. This reads like that thread where people were discussing why the fuel gauge doesn't move for the first few dozen miles when tank is full. This is what happens when people have no problems, they create them.
  7. Can you get the exact code car's ECU logged? Most of the time those fault codes are hard to figure out, very rarely have I seen an open-and-shut case where the fault code mentioned the faulty part exactly.
  8. Byzii

    Changing from 5w30 semi to 0w20

    What car do you how now? Is the Avensis 2006? What engine? (whoops, it appears you have one of those Auris' that are Mazda?) I very much doubt 0W20 is even an option for an engine from 2006. 0W20 is the oil Toyota recommends on mostly newer vehicles, I think that'd be 2012 at the earliest. When it comes to such an important thing as engine oil you realllly want to refer to the manual of the car. If it states that 5W30 is recommended them that's that. From there you can go in each direction a bit, say 0W30(40) or 10W30(40) depending on your exact needs and climate. 0W20 is really thin and will only work if the engine has been designed for it. A little tippity-tappity at start-up is nothing bad if it lasts about 30 seconds or so, that's usually the time it takes for oil to travel to the head of the engine. It can take longer if the weather gets colder, maybe that's what you're seeing? Other than that Toyota oil is no different than any other oil, Toyota aren't producing it itself so it's similar to getting Michelin tires from Toyota at +50% price because it's Toyota tires. So it's probably the filter although most people don't have problems with aftermarket filters if they're referencing OEM part numbers. What brand did you get? You might get it replaced without changing the oil and see if it's better. Don't forget to top up the oil (manual lists how much the filter holds so you know how much to top up). And just looked at your title. Even if you've been using semi-synthetic for all engine's life you can easily switch to full synthetic without any damage, and it comes with a benefit of prolonging the oil change.
  9. Byzii

    Michelin Cross Climates

    Any damage on the sidewall should automatically result in a scrapped tire, structurally it's a completely different part of the tire and repairing anything there is a huge safety risk. Of course one can repair it and drive around for years without issues, but that doesn't mean it'll be the same for everybody and that it's the right thing to do. It's very likely to cause a lethal accident, especially at higher speeds these days, and it's a risk for everybody one shares the roads with. Where I'm from tire shops aren't even allowed to repair anything on the sidewall. I'd encourage everybody to think of their and others' safety when it comes to matters like these. Tires are not the thing you want to save money on, plenty of other things out there you can save a buck on.
  10. Byzii

    Toyota Avensis T27 1.8 manual acceleration issue

    Hey, I'd have a look at the clutch. It can become unbalanced over time and this could cause the power to not transmit as fast and efficient as possible. Also consider replacing the clutch if it's worn out and will need to be replaced soon. I'd take it to a garage which I trust to check the clutch, maybe there's too much freeplay in the pedal, maybe some other thing. Does the car vibrate at lower RPMs, as if it's about to stall? That would also point to a clutch. Also try to put car in 5th or 6th gear and accelerate, see if the speed increase matches the RPM increase. If RPMs increase significantly faster than speed, also is a sign of clutch.
  11. Byzii

    2008 DCAT problems not yet solved

    Hey dippy, Reading through this I'm also left quite baffled at what's going on. Since the DPF is new and the smoking is still there, why hasn't anyone even mentioned injectors, especially since there's an injector specifically for DPF (5th injector)? Since the car has 150k km on it, it's also due to have first problems appear with injectors. My manual states that injectors need attention after about 100k. And even if mechanics looked at data from all injectors it's still not a bomb-proof way of seeing if they're going bad. I think all they see is the pressure at the rail and whether a particular injector is compensating more than the others. It's still likely that the flow of fuel is incorrect or, let's say, the injector isn't atomizing correctly. I'm dealing with this right now where diagnostics show everything regarding fuel is in top order but the car is starting "laborly" even in +30°C weather. One or more injectors are thought to be the problem. Unfortunately you need to take the injectors out and put them on a test bench but since the fault is likely with the 5th injector, I think it'll be easier to remove. I also wouldn't write off the main 4 injectors as being the problematic ones.
  12. Byzii

    Rear brake pad change

    Similarly I can't believe you guys have even an option of going to the dealership for parts. Where I'm from everything from them is disgustingly expensive. It's even impregnated in people's minds already that dealerships aren't even a place to look for anything, people just tune them out. A simple engine air filter would run over 50€.
  13. Byzii

    Check engine Auris 2010 1.4D

    Yes it is. It's even low for my 2.0 diesel in 5th gear.
  14. Byzii

    Check engine Auris 2010 1.4D

    Ideally you would create your own thread. But to quickly answer to your question, you're lugging your engine. RPMs at which you floor the gas are considered low RPMs, especially for your small engine, and since it's turbocharged, it takes higher RPMs for the turbo to start spinning, so to say. It's the same vibration you experience when you start rolling from a complete stop and apply little to no gas while releasing the clutch quite quickly. The car struggles which can be felt with vibration. I encourage you to google the term and look at some youtube videos, but generally speaking lugging the engine is very bad. Not only does the fuel economy decrease, but there's a risk of having huge problems with engine bottom end, which for a car like this would mean an engine replacement.
  15. Byzii

    T Sport BHP?

    Your best bet will probably be the VIN. I know there are a couple of dudes active here who can check your VIN, but you can try it yourself in a few VIN check sites and see if that gives you anything. Also I've run into a similar issue where some sites stated 116bhp and some - 114. I think there's even difference between HP and BHP.