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  1. Hi All, anyone know what the typical ETA in weeks is once the car has gone into build? I have been given a date of 25th July, but hoping I might get it a week or 2 before that as I will be going away. Thanks Pete
  2. Picked up our Yaris today. A Design in Ducoma grey. Ordered on the 11th December. Predicted delivery 5th May. Had been at the dealers for about a week, so slightly early. Have to say it is a lovely drive. Pete
  3. Was the guard purchased brand new from Toyota or is it second hand?
  4. These don't look to be the same to me. That bracket should be curved and raised so it sits above the base tray?
  5. I'm interested as I was planning to get the same with my Rav4. Those brackets don't look the same as in the instructions. The ones in the instructions have a curve in them that lift them off the floor. Yours don't seem to have that. Pete
  6. Ker, congrats. What model Rav4 is that?
  7. I have an Emovis tag and the directions say that is should be placed behind the shaded/mottled area. https://www.emovis-tag.co.uk/faq/ - Installation Instructions: Using the Tag / how does it work
  8. What email address did you use to contact My Toyota please? Thanks Pete
  9. Thanks all. Yes, the last couple of days I have to clear the frost from the windscreen and it got me thinking. I presumed the engine would have to come on when started, otherwise you would be in a catch22 situation whereby you couldn't clear the screen as the engine wouldn't be on to supply the heat, and you couldn't drive away to start the engine as it would not be safe. A heated windscreen like they have in the fords would be better!
  10. Hi all, I am new to these forums and sorry if my question has already been answered, but I think this question probably applies to all hybrids. I currently have a 2019 petrol Yaris and I'm thinking of changing it to a hybrid Yaris. How does the defrosting/demisting of the front windscreen work when presumably the engine doesn't always spin up when you start a hybrid? Obviously the heat generated by the engine helps clear the screen in a few minutes, but if the engine is not switching on or staying on for long enough when the car is initially started, does it have to rely on the cold air or is there some sort of heating element that generates warm air? Thanks Pete.
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