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  1. Ormolu

    RAV4 Keys 2004

    Thank you. I followed your advice and purchased a new remote case from a Toyota dealer for £41. It came ready cut to fit my locks and it had the correct transponder inside. They even transferred the remote buttons from my old key to the new one.
  2. Ormolu

    RAV4 Keys 2004

    I just tried the ignition key in the glovebox. It does not work. I therefore conclude that I only have the service key.
  3. Ormolu

    RAV4 Keys 2004

    I believe the ignition and door barrels are all original. I think the key which operates the door and starts the car could be the service key. The key with remote buttons has the wrong blade cross-section so I think it came from a different car. The buttons work but the key is useless.
  4. Ormolu

    RAV4 Keys 2004

    I have just bought a 3-door 2004 RAV4. The previous owner gave me a genuine Toyota key that works correctly but has no remote buttons, and a separate Toyota key that does not fit in the locks but the buttons open and close the doors. What have I got and how can I get some keys that work AND operate the remote door locking?