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  1. Gerrard2016

    Parcel shelf clips

    HI there, Can anyone give me the part number for the clips near the back windscreen that are used for the parcel shelf on a 2013 Yaris? Shaun
  2. Gerrard2016

    Ractis ( Verso S) Brakes

    OK thanks. Only reason i'm asking because the ones i have fitted at the moment are squeaking when braking
  3. Gerrard2016

    Ractis ( Verso S) Brakes

    Hi, If not original Toyota brake pads what other brands would you use?
  4. Gerrard2016

    Ractis Rear Door Wiring

    Yeah sorry about that its the Tailgate But i have no idea how to figure out what they are
  5. Gerrard2016

    Ractis Rear Door Wiring

    I was looking in to installing an original reversing camera
  6. Gerrard2016

    Ractis Rear Door Wiring

    Hi There i have already asked about this but now i have another photo. I have these 2 connectors on the wiring harness as per image can anyone tell me what they are for? Thanks
  7. Gerrard2016

    2013 Ractis Wiring

    Thanks for the answer. I was looking to install original reversing camera but only found these wires
  8. Gerrard2016

    2013 Ractis Wiring

    Can anyone tell me what these wire connectors are? They are in the back door near the number plate lights on my 2013 Ractis
  9. Gerrard2016

    Ractis Stereo / Navigation

    Is there any way to find out?
  10. Gerrard2016

    Ractis Stereo / Navigation

    Would the reversing camera and Stereo/Navigation unit be compatible between the Ractis and Verso S. I mean wiring?
  11. Gerrard2016

    Ractis 2013 A?C Dials

    Hi, I'm new here i have just bought a second hand Ractis 2013 and one of the 3 A/C Dials has no backlight is this just a simple bulb change?