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  1. TP49

    Wax oil.

    Hi Iain. That's good you've had it done, yes wax oil did smell for about a week her indoors was moaning like hell but the smell soon wore off. At least it offers some protection against the elements.
  2. Welcome to the club Jim, that's a rare beast you've found. Good luck with your quest it will definitely be interesting finding out the history of the Hiace. A few years ago Elldis used to make similar shaped motorhomes.
  3. Welcome Sam, you could try GT motors at Newton Abbot.
  4. Hi Sean, welcome to the club.
  5. TP49


    Hello and welcome to the club.
  6. Hi Mohamed, the importer/ dealer fitted the light so can't help with that. I've included a picture so you can see it.
  7. Welcome, some owners have the rear fog incorporated within the rear lights some are hung just below the rear bumper. Mine has been fitted into the bumper which looks better than hanging down.
  8. Nice one, good for you.
  9. TP49


    Hi Gillian welcome to the club. The Estima has a skirt on the front and I've never had a problem with speed bumps I never drive at speed over them anyway so unless your Alphard has been lowered it shouldn't be a problem. Enjoy many miles in your Alphard.
  10. Hi Daniel welcome to the club.
  11. I've got an Estima, it had cloudy headlights cleaned them with Brasso that didn't work that good I then used wet and dry very fine sand paper worked very well and pleased with the result.
  12. TP49


    Good you got the MOT. I've got Bosch wipers fitted I change them every year anyway what with all the crap off the roads. So don't expect them to be good after a year.