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  1. The picture below might help you. Good luck.
  2. The 2.4 engine has four if you look you will find.
  3. I had bank one sensor one. Bank one is on the near side of the Car so bank two should be drivers side. Sensor one bank one was the one at the front so that would make sensor two the furthest one. I found that bank one and bank two had different connections. So if you order the sensor you require it it should only fit the appropriate connector.
  4. On my scanner the country's comes up in the menu and scroll down to the one you require.
  5. Hello Weggy, welcome to the club enjoy your new Toyota.
  6. Hi Steven I have an iCarsoft scanner that would not connect to the ecu. When connecting to car I chose country Japan and got that message, I then chose other countries and it connected to the ecu. I don't know if yours is the same problem so I hope you get it sorted.
  7. The company that translates the manual is called JPNZ hope this helps. Good luck.
  8. Hi Brad the company who translate the manual are in New Zealand can't remember the name at moment I will look later. Might be easier for you to look in that direction being that your in Australia.
  9. Hi Matt you can buy a flush fit rear fog light off of Amazon they vary in price.
  10. Hi Brad you can buy an Estima user manual from autojapspares in Coventry. Glad you like the Estima there a nice car.
  11. Hi, my key is not a remote but I got a key cloned at a local key cutting shop works perfect cost fifty pounds. On a 2002 Estima central locking works from drivers door lock.
  12. TP49

    Sad News.....

    Very sorry for your loss. Best wishes to your family.
  13. Hi John, GT motors Newton Abbot should be able to help.
  14. Hi Stephen, if you google Toyota Alphard hybrid manual you can download one from gioplumtheojustcost. Not sure of cost though.
  15. Try New Acre cars Coventry. 😀