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  1. On the Surf I had the roof rails on it were the flat type where the roof bars clip into the rails, but all the innards had been removed so there was nowhere to clip the roof bars to. Tried lots of different places to sort it out to no avail I gave up in the end. There was a company that made a roof rack that clipped into the top of the door frames but I wasn't sure if it would snag on the existing rails so gave up on that as well. Nice looking Surf by the way😀😀.
  2. Hello Gillian, welcome to the club.
  3. Out of curiosity when you say you have your foot to the floor is the engine revving hard or is there no revs at all? If it's revving hard and getting nowhere it might be a gearbox problem.
  4. Hi Declan, welcome to the club.
  5. Hi Mark welcome to the club.
  6. If you mean what used to be called the cigarette lighter socket I would have thought any car accessories shop would sell them.
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  8. Hi Keith welcome good choice of vehicles.
  9. Welcome to the club Herman enjoy your Estima.