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  1. Hi, Alan, there could be a unit under the front passenger seat for cd's. On mine the front face of the head unit slides down.
  2. I had mine wax oiled cost about £250, they got in all the nooks and crannies I think it was worth the cost. Wax oil smells for a few days after its been done but soon wears off. If you can do it yourself all well and good save a few quid good luck mate.
  3. Hi Ed, welcome. Japanese imports are not normally under sealed so I would look to see if it has been done, if not it will be worth getting it done to protect the underside.
  4. Hi Swede, welcome to the club.
  5. Looks a nice car enjoy it.
  6. I had a Range Rover which had a transmission problem, if it was a manual box I would said it had a slipping clutch. Over revving and doing about 20 mph at about 3000 revs. Specialists said it needed a new gearbox, a friend of mine at the time suggested check transmission fluid if it's black it needs a fluid change and filter change. Done that and it drove perfectly. Just an idea that might help you but could be something more serious. As for your question in the other thread my Estima has a 2.4 engine, some models have the v6 3 litre engine.
  7. Sorry can't help with mpg info, I like the car so put petrol in it. I'm happy with how much fuel it uses which is not over excessive mines a 2.4 engine so is not going to be as cheap as a smaller car to run.
  8. And a Merry Christmas to one and all.
  9. Hi there Laurence welcome to the club, good your enjoying your Toyota. Like myself I enjoy a comfortable car and my Estima fits the bill very nicely. Enjoy the forum.
  10. There's a company called New Acre Cars in Coventry imports Japanese cars try speaking to them see if they can help you.
  11. Hi Sylvain, I've had my 2002 2.4 Estima for almost four years now and love it. There was a member on here a couple of months ago saying that they under steer but it's nearly two ton of car if there driven as such there is no problem. Estimas are a nice car to drive very comfortable on long journeys. As far as I'm aware you can't change the language settings most change the head unit. Some garages scanners can't read the codes so I bought a scanner to solve that problem. Like any car purchase have a good test drive look all over it, if you can check the transmission fluid when it's warm should be a nice clear pinky red colour not black.
  12. Hello Paul welcome to the club.
  13. Hi Zahir, if you ask the question on google the code P1325 points to ignition coil fault.
  14. I use the same oil as Neil, the engines never used a drop of oil. Oil and filter change every 5000 miles or there abouts.