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  1. Hi again Greg, you could try contacting Watling engineering they fit tow bars to most vehicles they are located in St Albans Hertfordshire.
  2. Hi Greg welcome hope your enjoying the Estima. You can always ask questions to try and get answers.
  3. Hi Alan, try and find a shop that cuts keys to see if they can clone a key and whether they can clone a keyless entry one. Failing that it's trying a Toyota dealer to see if they can help.
  4. Unfortunately Japanese imported cars don't have any emissions information unlike europian cars which have the Euro emissions system in place. If you got your car from an importer you could try asking them to try and get the information for you. I think it's a euro five engine or later that's allowed through the ultra emissions zone, but Japanese cars do not have that system. The importers of these cars I would have thought would have to somehow start supplying this information if possible or it could start affecting their trade.
  5. When I first got my Estima the radio screen when the ignition was on was alight all the time, I went through the menu pressing the screen and buttons and managed to turn the radio light off. So now when I turn the ignition on the screen light comes on for about ten seconds then goes off. He might need to fiddle with it to turn it on again, as all the screen is probably in Japanese doesn't help I don't use the radio so being off doesn't bother me.
  6. TP49

    Spare key

    Hi there, no there's no buttons on my key so no remote central locking is with the key in the drivers side door lock. The company I used was Cobblers and Keys in Sudbury.
  7. Hi Paul, welcome to the club. Good to see your using your van for what it was intended for, enjoy it mate looks a lovely motor.
  8. Hi Robert Welcome, like Neil had the Estima three and a half years no regrets. I've had other Japanese imports before enjoyed them all. Good luck and enjoy your import.
  9. Hi and welcome, I personally would have it wax-oiled to give some protection. Other members on here have different opinions on what products they use for undersealing. Do a bit of research and decide what products would suit your needs.
  10. Hi Dave welcome to the club. Have to agree the Estima is a great car, mines a 2.4, same as Neil had mine three and a half years. Mines got the space saver wheel also, hope you find a wheel soon and enjoy your Estima.
  11. Hi Robert welcome to the club. The Estima is a lovely car enjoy it.
  12. When sitting in drivers seat is there a red flashing light of a car should have a key shape in it showing, on dashboard without the keys in the ignition. That would be the imobliliser warning light.
  13. Very interesting thanks for sharing.
  14. The picture below might help you. Good luck.
  15. The 2.4 engine has four if you look you will find.