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  1. I've been getting my car insurance through Adrian Flux for a number of years now and my yearly renewal was upon me again. I received my renewal quote a couple of days ago for the Estima for over £400. So thinking it was a bit high I phoned Adrian Flux and relayed my thoughts to a chap named Dimitri who I must add was very helpful. He managed to get another quote for £267 £299 with tax. I've had quite a few renewals come up lately what with breakdown cover computer virus cover and so on all seem to quote high, so it pays dividends to contact these companies to see if you can get prices down.
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    Chapter by chapter
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    Obligatory new member post

    Hello Kar Wai, Welcome to the Club.
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    Code Reader

    Unfortunately the instructions manual doesn't show how to use different programs so not very informative it's a case of just using it and see what it can and can't do. Not being very good with computers I can only fiddle around and try and get the best out of it.
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    Code Reader

    Hi Paul. I plugged the code reader into car, I went right through menu nothing came up to do with transmission. I think you should contact the company to find out what device would suit your needs. Tony.
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    Code Reader

    Tried that Neil not an option🙈. If I get a chance I'll plug and play later see what it can and can't do. I must admit I'm not the best when it comes to gadgets so don't hold your breath for to long. Lol. 😂😂
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    Code Reader

    Hello Paul, I'm not really sure if it will do what you require I plugged it in to the car got the fault up then unplugged it. I've looked in the manual and there's not much info about the different functions, If I get the chance I'll try it out on the car to see what comes up. Why don't you email them and ask they are quick to reply and very helpful and point you in the right direction. Tony
  8. TP49

    Code Reader

    I know what you're saying about cheaper code readers, but reading other people's experiences where some work and some don't I chose the dearer option after emailing the company and being assured it will read the codes I opted for one. From a personal point of view money well spent.
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    Hello Steve, Wecome.
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    Cheers Paul