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  1. Hi Andy and welcome enjoy your Estima there a lovely car. I take it you mean the mileage is in kilometres as the speedo should be converted to read mph, perhaps someone on here might know how to convert the mileage. Personally I wouldn't bother and use as is.
  2. Hello Norm welcome to the forum,
  3. TP49

    Sad Ending

    Hi there sorry to hear that, what was the catastrophe and possible cause? I certainly prefer Toyota to some of euro cars out there.
  4. Well done Be looks a tidy motor, I would have the awning on the side personally you can buy Magnets to attach it to the car, Similar looking to a dent puller, window pads are a good option as you have said. I didn't have tha problem as my Esti has curtains. You might want a camping stove I think the type that uses an aerosol can are easy to clean and store ideal size as well.
  5. Hi there, welcome to the forum enjoy your Corolla.
  6. Hi, you can get a user manual off eBay from autojapspares for £25 could be useful.
  7. Hi Neil, yes there's always a solution, the main reason I suggested Bumble Campers website to the OP was to get some different ideas about what they could use, and not about actually buying a campervan. Now doubt they will work something out that suits their needs.
  8. Going back to your original post, I was going to buy a self inflating mattress rather than foam as foam would be very bulky to store. And use the awning for storing extras, with a bit of thought you should be able to get a reasonable nights sleep and enjoy the Estima.😀
  9. We were going to camp in our Estima but circumstances have changed so we couldn't do it. I would think your idea will work with a seven seater but will be suitable for two people. You could think about attaching a driveaway awning for the children to sleep in or another alternative would be a roof top tent. Take a look at Bumble Campers website for campervans ideas, they convert Estimas into campers could be useful source of information.
  10. Welcome to the forum, mine are not soft close so can't help you but Neil's advice sounds good.
  11. The Estima is the one for me as well I'm afraid, but I'm biased anyway. Best to research each one you fancy and which suits your needs then once you've narrowed it down try and test drive. As has been discussed here before check how the rear seats fold if you need floor space some arrangements might not suit your requirements. Good luck with your search.
  12. Hello Mike, welcome to the forum. Like Neil I've had my Estima four now years lovely car, hope you enjoy yours.
  13. Watling Engineering St Albans, no idea about pricing though.
  14. Wow, that's a seems a lot. Is there any breakers yards in your area?
  15. You could try G T motors Newton Abbott they use to deal and work on early Previa's.
  16. Have you tried any Jap car importers to see if they can source a replacement door and what sort of price it will be.
  17. Here's one Estima owner, welcome to the forum. If you scroll down the forum page we're in the Estima forum.
  18. An incredible looking truck you have there. Could be an interesting drive in the rain with those tyres had Land Rovers with mud tyres so you might need to adjust your driving to suit the weather conditions. Good luck with it and enjoy it.
  19. Good you got it sorted, let's hope you can get some sort of refund.
  20. Great minds Neil 😂.
  21. Depending on where in London you are, Goodmayes Motors are at Purfleet on the London Essex border you could give them a call to see if they can help you. A lot also depends on imports and the situation with Covid 19.
  22. Like Neil not had any issues with mine. A bit late with service this year due to the current situation but will get done as and when we get back to some sort of normality.
  23. You could contact an importer/ dealer to find out if they could source one and what sort of costs are involved. Obviously more expensive though but less of the hassle of importing it yourself.
  24. For mine at local garage, front discs £84 pads £26. Happy with that.