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  1. Hi there, although mines a 2.4 it had the engine light flashing the garages scanner could not read the code so I bought my own scanner. It came up as an oxygen sensor, by the time I got the scanner was about a month driving with the light flashing made now difference to the performance of the car. Don't know about the 3.0 litre perhaps the ecu is affecting the cars performance because of the fault. Definitely needs a scanner read I think. Good luck.
  2. Hi there Anne Marie, welcome to the club. You can't change the Japanese language settings as they are JDM cars most change the head unit for an English version. In some cases where people have changed the head unit they have lost either the front or reversing camera or both, that's if the car is fitted with them that is. I'm not sure about Bluetooth etc but I think some members have achieved it perhaps someone else on here can help you with that. Enjoy the Esti there a lovely car.
  3. Well done, enjoy many safe miles in your Estima.
  4. No problem with 10w30 in mine either Neil.
  5. Only one film really and that's Fast and Furious 6, and that's only because I've driven that actual tank😂😂
  6. Personally I would stick to the recommended.
  7. In the English translation handbook there is no mention of 5w40. Only 5w20 for 1mz-fe and 10w30 for 2az-fe. Why would you not want to use the recommended oil for the engine??
  8. Hi Julie, there's a company in Peterborough called Bumble Campers who convert Estimas into campers, they remove the centre row of seats. You could contact them to see if they have any for sale. The centre row of seats in the Estima are swivel so they use the same floor runners so I would have thought it's doable, good luck hope it works.
  9. An English translation owners manual can be on eBay from autojapspares Coventry, it tells you everything about the seats but not how to remove them. I've not looked at mine but is there any bolts visible to undo?
  10. Same old story, criminals have rights victims don't. Serves him right shouldn't have been there.
  11. Hi Steve, the owners handbook is basic tells oil and coolant lightbulbs etc weight dimensions, tyres seating,instruments etc. I find it useful, I got mine off eBay from autojapspares of Coventry cost about £25.
  12. Neil has covered most things, also check transmission fluid should be a nice pink clear colour if it's black it will need changing. If coolant needs topping up if it's pink or red it's probably Toyota's own coolant don't mix with it any other coolant.
  13. Hi Stephen welcome, My insurance is through Adrian Flux as well.
  14. Hi, Alan, there could be a unit under the front passenger seat for cd's. On mine the front face of the head unit slides down.
  15. I had mine wax oiled cost about £250, they got in all the nooks and crannies I think it was worth the cost. Wax oil smells for a few days after its been done but soon wears off. If you can do it yourself all well and good save a few quid good luck mate.
  16. Hi Ed, welcome. Japanese imports are not normally under sealed so I would look to see if it has been done, if not it will be worth getting it done to protect the underside.
  17. Hi Swede, welcome to the club.
  18. Looks a nice car enjoy it.
  19. I had a Range Rover which had a transmission problem, if it was a manual box I would said it had a slipping clutch. Over revving and doing about 20 mph at about 3000 revs. Specialists said it needed a new gearbox, a friend of mine at the time suggested check transmission fluid if it's black it needs a fluid change and filter change. Done that and it drove perfectly. Just an idea that might help you but could be something more serious. As for your question in the other thread my Estima has a 2.4 engine, some models have the v6 3 litre engine.
  20. Sorry can't help with mpg info, I like the car so put petrol in it. I'm happy with how much fuel it uses which is not over excessive mines a 2.4 engine so is not going to be as cheap as a smaller car to run.
  21. And a Merry Christmas to one and all.
  22. Hi there Laurence welcome to the club, good your enjoying your Toyota. Like myself I enjoy a comfortable car and my Estima fits the bill very nicely. Enjoy the forum.