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  1. Hi, not heard of any real problem areas providing there serviced regularly they are a very reliable car. The Estima is a lovely car nice to drive and very comfortable, most people who have one love them as I do. Good luck with the one your looking at.
  2. Hi there Rohail, my Estima is a 2002 so couldn't comment on later vehicles or hybrids. Had my car three and a half years only engine fault was an 02 sensor which was a minor problem. I have also had front discs and pads renewed. Not had any gearbox problems touch wood make sure to check transmission fluid it wants to be a nice clear pink colour. If it has a Japanese radio and you want to change it to an English one you might loose your front and reversing cameras something to be aware of some people have had that problem. The 2.4 engine has a timing chain the 3.0 litre v6 has a timing belt. Just like any other car have a good look over it see, if it's been undersealed have a good test drive.
  3. Hi there Randy, try contacting GT motors Newton Abbot 01626 361259. They might be able to give you some advice they are knowledgeable about Estimas. Good luck with it.
  4. Hi M welcome to the club. I can't help I'm afraid local garage does my repairs, good luck with it though and hope you get some answers.
  5. TP49

    roof bars

    Hi Alan, try The Roof Box Company they do roof bars that clamp to the door frames.
  6. Hi Christian. Welcome to the club good your enjoying your new car.
  7. That's good you've found a car that suits your needs. As you have proved the infrastructure isn't there to support the move to all electric cars, I don't believe it will be in the future either.
  8. Yes, as you say the best compromise. They come up with these ideas but never have the infrastructure in place for it to work properly.
  9. I personally think in a few years time electric cars will be obsolete as the amount of electricity we need to generate will be impossible to keep up with demand. I can see us ending up with a fuel such as hydrogen or some other type of fuel. It seems to be the trend in this country to sway people towards a certain type of fuel,then when the multitude opt for that method opinions suddenly change leaving people not knowing what type of fuel to go for and spending thousands of pounds in the process. It seems to be about generating lots of money from the population and using the car emissions as an excuse to get it.
  10. Welcome to the club Ebrahim, nice choice of car. Enjoy your Estima.
  11. Hi Roy and Linda, welcome to the club.
  12. Good luck enjoy you Rav.
  13. I managed to find a few pictures of similar shaped Elldis motorhomes. Let's hope I can insert them.
  14. TP49

    Wax oil.

    Hi Iain. That's good you've had it done, yes wax oil did smell for about a week her indoors was moaning like hell but the smell soon wore off. At least it offers some protection against the elements.
  15. Welcome to the club Jim, that's a rare beast you've found. Good luck with your quest it will definitely be interesting finding out the history of the Hiace. A few years ago Elldis used to make similar shaped motorhomes.
  16. Hope it does, good luck.
  17. Welcome Sam, you could try GT motors at Newton Abbot.
  18. Hi Sean, welcome to the club.
  19. TP49


    Hello and welcome to the club.
  20. Hi Mohamed, the importer/ dealer fitted the light so can't help with that. I've included a picture so you can see it.
  21. Welcome, some owners have the rear fog incorporated within the rear lights some are hung just below the rear bumper. Mine has been fitted into the bumper which looks better than hanging down.
  22. Nice one, good for you.
  23. TP49


    Hi Gillian welcome to the club. The Estima has a skirt on the front and I've never had a problem with speed bumps I never drive at speed over them anyway so unless your Alphard has been lowered it shouldn't be a problem. Enjoy many miles in your Alphard.
  24. Hi Daniel welcome to the club.