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  1. Well done Paul. Did you get the Techstream sorted out?
  2. A TEOC club member called atovey was willing to take the forum over, it was talked about on the Board announcement pages but just seemed to come to nothing so now real way of knowing.
  3. I did think that, but I assumed rightly or wrongly the op had got the codes read because of the new parts fitted. And perhaps didn't erase the codes after replacing the parts.
  4. Have you erased the codes from the ecu? Just a thought.
  5. I shan't lose much sleep over it Neil. I've done all the driving in London over the years so certainly don't miss it. I wonder how Japanese car importers local to London will get on as the imports don't come wth any emissions details so there's no Euro standard of emissions. Probably have to source the details from Japan time will tell.