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  1. Hi Sean, welcome to the club.
  2. TP49


    Hello and welcome to the club.
  3. Hi Mohamed, the importer/ dealer fitted the light so can't help with that. I've included a picture so you can see it.
  4. Welcome, some owners have the rear fog incorporated within the rear lights some are hung just below the rear bumper. Mine has been fitted into the bumper which looks better than hanging down.
  5. Nice one, good for you.
  6. TP49


    Hi Gillian welcome to the club. The Estima has a skirt on the front and I've never had a problem with speed bumps I never drive at speed over them anyway so unless your Alphard has been lowered it shouldn't be a problem. Enjoy many miles in your Alphard.
  7. Hi Daniel welcome to the club.
  8. I've got an Estima, it had cloudy headlights cleaned them with Brasso that didn't work that good I then used wet and dry very fine sand paper worked very well and pleased with the result.
  9. TP49


    Good you got the MOT. I've got Bosch wipers fitted I change them every year anyway what with all the crap off the roads. So don't expect them to be good after a year.
  10. TP49


    The push in bulb is a pain because of the vibration of the tailgate when shutting it. The brake lights on mine are live and not switched off via the ignition is yours the same Neil? That's the only niggle I've got which on reflection is very minor but as you've said Neil there great condition for their age.
  11. TP49


    Good news Neil, nice to have a years ticket. Mine had an advisory about the tailgate break light not working apparently not an mot failure. Trouble is it's a slide in bulb and when I shut the tailgate over time the bulb comes loose, I've yet to find a way of sorting it out. I have to shut it with a bit of effort otherwise the door light warning light stays on, I've tried adjusting the clamp but doesn't make any difference. All sent to try us, anyway glad we've got an mot.
  12. Welcome to the club Kim enjoy your Alphard they look a very nice vehicle but I still like the Estima.
  13. TP49


    Hi David, this may or may not be the answer. But I had the same sort of problem with a Range Rover I had. On checking the transmission fluid it was black so I changed fluid and the filter and problem solved. Gearbox specialists were telling me it needed a new box but it worked out well for me. Hope your problem is as simple as mine was.
  14. Hi Martin never been into mpg if I like the car I put petrol in it. Must come from owning old Land Rovers they used to drink some petrol. So never bothered with working out the mpg of any car I've owned. Mines a 2.4 lovely car and I enjoy driving it.
  15. Hi Martin, welcome to the club, another Estima owner I see hope you're enjoying the car.
  16. Apparently on the Auris some models have heated o2 sensors is the correct one being fitted for your engine model. I not long ago had one changed on the Estima cost with fitting and vat £112.