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  1. The scanner/ code reader I purchased was from iCarsoft it's pictured below model number TVT V1.0 had a few issues at first but got sorted and worked fine in the end. Cost about £100.
  2. Take her for a test drive in an Estima she'll wonder why you took so long to buy one.🙄
  3. No didn't try any other car I picked out the one I wanted on the web site as it had curtains and roof bars. The intention was to use it as a camper but circumstances changed so never got to do that. And this one had a centre cubby box between the driver and front passenger seats another must have, never got to use it as a camper and I don't need the eight seats either but it's such a nice car I kept it. A friend of mine came round just after I got it we went for a drive and within a month he also bought an Estima.
  4. Hello again, I've found the Estima to be very reliable very easy to drive. Since owning it which is about four and a half years it's had one 02 sensor fitted asset of new tyres failed one mot on rear tyres that's only because the wear was on the inside and didn't really check the inside of the tyres, but has passed all mot's since with no advisories, it's also had new front discs and pads. It's serviced once a year oh and I had the underneath wax oiled. To be honest I wouldn't want another type of car no matter what make. The build quality is good and very comfortable parts are easily available and if you buy from the dealer mentioned in earlier posts parts will not be a problem for them to obtain. Good luck. Forget to add new battery fitted.
  5. Yes but the Same principle applies just change the rubber blade. Look it up on u tube it will show you how.
  6. One hump or two.😂😂 Just for fun if anyone finds it please don't reveal the the answer on the forum.
  7. See how good your observation is find the camel.🤓
  8. Yes I had to do that, the hook end on the drivers wiper arm is wider than the passenger arm.
  9. Hi Russell I think the early Diesel engines had problem the engine was under slung and I believe they had cooling problems. Owners had to meticulous about maintaining the cooling system, I don't think it's an issue with the more modern Estima engine but like any engine the coolant needs to be checked, serviced regularly shouldn't be a problem. Both the 3.0 v6 and 2.4 are petrol engines.
  10. Hello Jasmine welcome to the club. Enjoy your new car.
  11. Just a thought have you checked all the wiring in case squirrels have been chewing and nesting in there somewhere.
  12. I can only agree with everything Neil has said above, mines a 2.4 had mine under sealed, when I got it it was like new underneath. If you did get one I think your wife would be well pleased with your purchase lol. Had mine over four years now still love it. The 2.4 has a timing chain the v6 has a timing belt, I prefer the chain personally. Good luck with whatever vehicle you choose.
  13. It's an eye opener when you walk round and view their stock in the warehouse.
  14. Go on their web site and you can pick out each car separately and different views of the car inside and out to give you an idea what would suit you. I spent many an hour doing just that and the car I picked out was exactly what I wanted, good luck mate.
  15. Hi Russell, as your in Essex take a look at Goodmayes Motors they have a good selection of both Estima and Alphard all in immaculate condition. I got my Estima from them and cannot fault the car or the service from them. I would definitely buy another car from them rather than anywhere else.
  16. The main reason I didn't go for the Alphard looks to much like a van for my liking the Estima suited my needs better.
  17. Hello Russell, Welcome to the club. Whatever one you choose either the Estima or the Alphard will be a good choice, the Esti I've got is a lovely car. Good luck with what you choose.
  18. You could try
  19. Adding to the list, there saying when filling up with petrol wear disposable gloves as Covid 19 is being passed on by handling the petrol pumps. STAY HEALTHY one and all.😀
  20. Have you had tracking checked and wheels balanced. What exactly was checked and by who. It could even be loose wheel nuts, worth checking any moving parts for wear.
  21. Never really worried about mpg even when I had old Land Rovers, I towed caravan to Portugal and back with a 3 litre Hi Lux Surf throughout a nine year ownership never bothered about mpg. If I enjoy driving a car I put fuel in it. That's my logic anyway.😀
  22. Hi Steve welcome to the club/ forum. Everyone can learn something every day that's what Forums are about, trying to pass on any knowledge gained.
  23. Hi Robertino welcome to the club and forum.
  24. Hello Mark, welcome to the club. Previa and Estima are a lovely car enjoy it.
  25. Hello Dave welcome to the cub.