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  1. Raj, Did you ever get this noise sorted out? I am having similar issues. Regards, Oisin
  2. Thanks Mike. I think I will do that.
  3. Hello and thanks for replying. Listen to the audio clip I have uploaded. You can just about hear the noise. I should also note that this only happens in third gear between 30/40mph and it only happens in 4th/5th gear at 50mph+. The pitch increases with speed and the sound fades out above 65mph. The gears shift very smoothly and there is never any grinding. There was new diff bearings put into this car recently because of wear and a new clutch kit also. Any ideas what it might be? Thanks 2018_07_15_11_33_13 2018_07_15_11_33_13.mp3
  4. Hello, My 2008 Auris 1.4 D-4D has been making a strange noise since I bought it 6 months ago. When I am driving in 3rd, 4th or 5th gear, the car makes a whining noise. It only makes the noise while my foot is on the accelerator, when cruising or accelerating. The pitch of the noise changes with speed. The noise stops if I take my foot off the accelerator. I appreciate any advice. Thanks!!