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  1. rodduz

    Would you buy?

    Hi thanks. Checked the mot history. That mileage in in miles. It's the 2.0 d4d engine. I think it's the one that didn't have as many head gasket issues. Belt has been changed twice in its life time. Die again in about 14000 miles Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. rodduz

    Would you buy?

    Hi all, Would you buy a 2005, 2.0 Avensis, with 224k on the clock. Previously a sales reps car. Lots of Toyota service history and more recently independent service history. Belt ans water pump was done on 178k... Thanks in advance Rod
  3. Alright everyone? New here, likely I'll be frequenting these parts a little more often if I go ahead with my purchase for a cheap runaround Avensis... Cheers