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  1. Got a proper Toyota paint and lacquer touch up kit in Kielder green metallic, tiny drop used, just want £2 for postage, can email a pic, file too big to upload
  2. Further to this topic, having just returned from a wee trip up to oban, 270 miles return, I have to say the A/C seems to kick in a lot, you audibly hear it coming on and off with this !Removed! annoying noise. Ok, with radio on, or A/C off it's quiet, but never come across this before, it's really annoying, do I have a fault? Thanks Dave
  3. I find this post interesting, I had K11 Micras as a commuter for years, did around 200k miles in them, and they were a doddle to drive anywhere then after my Avensis failed MOT spectacularly I got the Aygo on the scrappage scheme. There is definitely a knack to smooth take offs etc as per my clutch burning post, I do think it is something to do with the clutch pedal position, so i am trying to master it! Also the A/C kicking in definitely causes a drag effect when accelerating as I found out on my 500 mile trip this week, it is a little city car I suppose, BTW I averaged 55mpg over the trip, motorway, A and B roads, the lot. Dave
  4. Thank Thanks Mike, I must have just been too heavy on the right foot, I did read with interest on another post that the aircon kicking in can produce a slight drag effect when driving, I definitely noticed something like this today coming up the A68 and all its hills as it was very muggy and a/c on most of the time, I must get used to fact it is a little car without a turbo, apart from that, it is great
  5. yes, there are no restrictions, just oor Nicola still threatening to close the border!!
  6. Hi I just wanted to ask about this again as I saw various posts in the past, so my new Aygo and I had a run down to Yorkshire dales this week, (around 500 miles covered), and on two occasions when I found myself having to do a tricky turn/pull out from a spot with poor visibility in these wee back roads, I did pull out sharpish, and maybe slipped the clutch slightly on doing so., but nothing ridiculous. So i was a bit concerned to notice a distinct smell from the clutch, now in my defence I have owned at least two cars in which I covered over 100,000 miles on original clutch plus all my others and never had this happen, so I am wee bit worried about this given there seems to be a history of Aygo clutches failing?? Apart from that, it was fine, I did a few hill starts etc without any further problem, be interested in up to date views on this. Thanks Dave
  7. yep it is pretty clunky, i went a 40 mile run in town etc y'day, A/C on/radio off still hear the high pitched noise every wee while, A/c off, nothing, not worried now, was just bugging me, it's a good car, i have to remember retired and fancy motors gone for good!!
  8. Wouldn't like to think it has a fault given bullet proof reputation of the brand, i am a bit OCD about cars being silent inside, suspect would be one of these things that a garage couldn't hear! Radio on now most of the time
  9. So yesterday i went for a 20 mile run with A/C off, no noise, turned back with A/C on, and yep, it came back, so it is obviously related to the A/C compressor kicking in, seems weird that it manifests itself as it does, but at least i think i have found the source, and yes, it is a bit noisy, good wee car tho!
  10. Like other posters I find the A/C in my X play a bit noisy , but I keep hearing what I can only describe as a high frequency noise that comes and goes, there's no pattern to it, i.e. speed/rpm/gear, it lasts about 5 seconds, i'm resisting the temptation to put radio on as it's bugging me! Only thing I noticed yesterday is that when I switched the aircon off, for the last 15 miles of trip it seemed to disappear! It's not wind or a brake rubbing, it's just weird and I wondered if anyone else had come across it? Cheers Dave
  11. thanks zuh, it is a great car, the touch screen is amazing, believe it or not though, I am not a smart phone user, but my wife is, but I have my cruzerblade plugged in, and all my tunes coming through, stay safe everyone
  12. never go anywhere without my trusty mini swiss army knife on keyring, very sharp scissors!
  13. yep, just steel wheels with trims, having had my share of cars with flash alloys, the constant worrying about keeping them clean and not getting them damaged was a pain! at least worse that can happen with these is they fall off, will get wee cable ties on today
  14. Got my Aygo on Thursday after three month wait, X Play, have to say very impressed, looks lovely in red, only £111 to add for 9 months on my multi car policy, although I really miss my old Avensis, it's great to have the security of a warranty again!