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  1. thanks, you would think then that all the lube sprayed around would have worked its way into it!
  2. I think this is actually totally relevant Gez as the creak is back today, (although a lot quieter), I am just going to live with it, with fan on I can't hear it, and I don't have ramps or the inclination to be lying on ground in winter trying to sort it, glad to know it's a common annoyance! Dave
  3. I just used your tip today to cure the creaking pedal, thank you!!
  4. Subsequent to this morning I did some more searching and found even more helpful advice on this forum, I took a members advice from way back and bought a spray can of lithium grease, taped two spray tubes together to get round the limited access and ( with the help of a head torch to see what I was doing), got a good spray of grease into the actuating rod tunnel, and it's fixed. I don't think my back will recover quickly from the contortions, and it is really awkward to access this bit of car, but pleased it's sorted, it was just getting on my nerves with such a well made car to have this noise. Thank you Dave
  5. ok, thats very helpful, thank you, I will just live with it, I figured it must be hidden away somewhere if the WD didn't get to it dave
  6. This is a silly thing really but my clutch pedal keeps creaking, I managed to contort myself into the footwell yesterday and sprayed all the visible springs and mechanism with WD40, it's better but still doing it! Anybody had the same problem, it's just annoying as rest of car is so silent!
  7. Hi, I'm a great believer in forums, so wanted to introduce myself, I have recently retired and have just come to the end of my PCP deal on a Golf R, absolutely amazing car and loved it, but needed a runabout, my old man always had Toyotas, and I came across this one on ebay, it has had one owner, 83K miles, full Toyota service history inc full gold service on 4/4 with MOT and no advisories, I paid £1000 for it, what do you think? Only thing it needed was a tyre as front o/s wheel had been kerbed and tyre was showing the cords, so I got it re aligned and new tyre and garage thought it was a really good buy, took me a while to figure out the sat nav gizmo was under seat though! Cheers Dave