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  1. Kevinuckfield


    That's good. Update on mine is 62.5 during warmer weather and 61.5 at the moment. Very impressed
  2. Kevinuckfield

    gear change

    Yep. I am beginning to notice the same Dark Matter. I used to apparently drive like Miss Daisy, which caused my previous car all sorts of carbon issues and was told to drive it hard. When i drove it hard the MPG went right up so i intend to do the same with the Aygo and ignore the gear change symbol. In my opinion, and i'm no mechanic, 38MPH is way too slow for 5th gear. Maybe good for the planet but not good for my pocket.
  3. Kevinuckfield


    Dave, my first segment has lasted 118 miles and still not gone out! Not sure how the thing works but when i filled up i had done around 30 miles and average mpg was 66, each day it goes down. 3 days later it says 64. Cars drive me nuts lol
  4. Kevinuckfield


    Thanks Frosty. Had a car that did similar so will watch carefully.
  5. Kevinuckfield


    Hello again everyone. So, average mph says 64.4. Range left says 240 something. From full I have done 98.8 miles and guage hasnt moved from full. I know that the guard works as it was on a quarter when I filled up. Is this info supposed to be accurate? The range left was at idling. I worked out that each segment on the fuel guage is 1.28 gallons. 35 ltr - 7.7 gallons fank- 6 segments on guage so therefore 64.4mpg x 7.7 = 495 miles. If I have done 98 plus the 240 that I supposedly have left that would equal 338. Very puzzled
  6. Kevinuckfield

    gear change

    Hello everyone. I have just bought a 2015 Auto x play. Should I drive the little 1 ltr engine as I did my previous 1.4 ltr engine as far as gears go or follow the gear change indicator? 38/39 mph seems too slow for 5th gear. Any advice greatly appreciated