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  1. Hi everyone, been looking into Auris's again and hoping a few of you can confirm these questions, ive seen someone in the corolla 1.6 put rav 4 2.4l injectors into the 1600, does anyone know if they fit onto the auris? second of all are 1zr parts similar to a 2zr and interchangeable? Many Thanks Chris
  2. will look into this,every little helps is suppose
  3. Right aye no bother always the same with this car 😂😂
  4. Anybody know how to make my throttle response sharper, any modifications to the motor or anything i can do, any help will be appreciated.
  5. yeah this will need to be swapped out, I’m only going to remove the cat and do a sound test, if it sounds to loud and lacks power I can add a silencer into the ststem
  6. Yeah I see your point for gains, but the 1.6 vvti isn’t the quickest engine around and there is little to none aftermarket parts for them, what I’m going on it a full decat exhaust and hope for the best it crackles and pops, without a stand-alone ecu I don’t think crackle and pop map is possible
  7. Yeah I was going to get a crackle and pop map on it but I’ve been told that this isn’t possible ? Can you shed any light on why ?
  8. Hi does anyone know if the 1600 vvti auris ecu is locked or not , wanting to get it remapped but unsure if this can be done
  9. Anybody put a bigger throttle body on a 1.6 auris, anybody know if there’s other Toyota models that are compatible and will Bolt on? thanks in advance