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  1. Surely leaving the top box on causes bit of drag when driving at speed and lowers one's mpg ?
  2. Hello About 3 months ago I asked Listers Toyota in Stratford upon Avon to get me a spare key done for me on my 03 Aeras, as they had done before on my 2000 Aeras. Funnily enough the price was about the same, £235. Except when I went to collect the key just before they closed, I was told that the central locking had been programmed in but not the alarm system. Also the key they had done for me was the wrong type of key ( a 2 button key, normally done for the mk 2 with power sliding doors ), mine is a one button key. I was told that the next time I went up they would rectify the alarm side. Anyway this week when I went to unlock my Estima, the battery was flat in my working remote, so I opened the drivers door with the key. Yes it unlocked, but you have 15 seconds to get the key in ignition or the alarm goes off and it did so, suppose it proves the system works. Michael