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  1. Hi there! I'm working on my friend's MR2 mk3 (W-reg/2000). I've tightened up the handbrake cable for her as the car was previously rolling with the handbrake pulled up to the max when on any kind of slope. (Did the full whack - seats out, pump pedal with engine running to take up slack, etc. Was a long session as I also replaced the intermittently-not-working cigarette lighter socket so she could charge her phone on the go...) It is now much improved, but could be better. Pull it up with all your might and the car holds on a slope, but does give those creaking sounds that indicate that the brakes are barely holding the vehicle's weight. I think one of the rear brakes is being applied fully while the other one is slightly slacker. The connecting plate that connects the two cables from the calipers to the single cable that runs to the handbrake "handle" is somewhat angled when under tension, so I assume that one brake is under full tension and the other isn't. Is there any way to adjust the tension of the two cables that run to the left and right rear brake calipers? Many thanks in advance, Jezzic