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  1. HI I know somebody will all ready have asked this before but I cant find the answer but should I be putting a semi synthetic oil in a 1977 Toyota or go for a mineral based oil. thanks .
  2. Hi does anyone know if I can fit a 4k carb on a 1000cc 2k engine. cant seem to find a 2k carb but there are plenty for the 4k engines . the carbs look very similar . I am led to believe all the k engines have the same inlet manifolds. also would converting my original manual choke to one with an electric choke that some 4k ones have pose any problems? would appreciate any info . thanks.
  3. I am having problems starting my 1977 toyota 1000. It was running a bit lumpy so I did a quick plugs points and condenser change and now it reuses to start. There is a spark at the plugs but I can't smell any fuel at the carb. I've checked the fuel line to the carb and there is defiantly fuel coming through. The only other thing I have done is fiddled with the fuel filter and wonder if some muck has got through and blocked the jet in the carb. Does anyone know a quick fix to clear the jets or is it major surgery? Thanks Graham.
  4. hello does anyone know how to remove the diaphragm from a Toyota 1000 fuel pump ?iv tried tapping the retaining pin out but if feels solid. Graham
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