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  1. 2018 RAV 4 Icon Tech 2.5 Do 3D maps exist? ive not been able to find them Ive read that 3d maps only come with the Touch 2 with go PLUS but thats not what it says on the Toyota website. If so where do i find it? Ive seen a 2D/3D option within navigation but its nothing like the 3D images you see in the Touch 2 Go videos, more like just a slightly raised 2D. Does it change when entering like a city centre for example? Thanks Carl.
  2. sorry, the 2.5 hybrid petrol
  3. Just taken ownership of a brand new icon tech. To date it only has 75 miles on the clock. I was just wondering, whats the mileage you should expect to see an average MPG. Currently, i seem to be getting about 20mpg which is dreadful. Its climbing very very slowly, but as ive never driven a new car before im not sure how long i should leave it before knowing whether its getting a good or low mpg. Also with this spell of super hot weather the aircon has been constantly on since new. Does anyone have any idea how many mpg that uses up? Thanks Carl.
  4. Does anyone know if Road Sign Assist is simply a gimmick or not? Im actually confused as to how it works too. Today, before i drove off, i turned it off. Drove to the shops and parked on a side road. the side road was a dead end but about 1/2 mile long. Along that road were NO ROAD SIGNS. Yet i drove to the end of the road turned RSA back on around and halfway back the RSA showed 30MPH. There were no road signs on this road. Does it get this info from the SATNAV if it doesnt see a road sign? or does it not actually scan road signs at all. Just curious C.
  5. Yep the twitter app is 100% there. Doesnt work tho. Toyota have revoked access to the twitter server. Cant understand why though seeing as it costs literally nothing and all data is handled by the bluetooth connection. Just think its a bit of a con that they ship motors and advertise stuff that either doesnt work or gets pulled a few months after you get it. C.
  6. Sorry i didnt even realise there were different versions. Although Toyota are still advertising twitter is available.
  7. Ok will do. Another thing i noticed, which could be slightly construded as misselling is, on all of the Toyota videos showing Touch and Go, it shows that a twitter app and email app are available. The actor in the video is also clearly using an iphone. Yet the email funcion is not available on iphone and the twitter app has been completely withdrawn. Although I have it on my system, im assuming it will delete with an upgrade. It certainly doesnt connect to the twitter server.
  8. I just took ownership of a new Rav 4 today. How do i know if the Map software is up to date and also if the car has been sitting "built" for 10 months or so and now ive got it and a major map update has happened since build to me buying it, do i get the option to upgrade to the latest map at least once? Thanks Carl.
  9. 10 miles on the clock..... Loving it!