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  1. Graham47

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  2. Shouldn’t need to in the middle of the day ! other manufacturers don’t seem to feel that’s a ‘solution’ ....
  3. The most ridiculous thing I find in the Yaris is that the cvt gear-lever area is only illuminated when lights are on. I find it difficult in underground car parks for example. I know I should know the layout but, from rest, find a reassuring glance helpful.
  4. Thanks, that clears things up for me. I’ve not touched “reset” since I bought the car which means I can see a figure, so far, over my ownership and see variations for winter/summer. “Since refuel” allows me to see variations as journey lengths change. I’m in Halton, N. Cheshire (although increasingly S. Merseyside!)
  5. Yes, I understand the “since started” BUT it’s ’ what’ I’m interested in... is it .. 1. the avg mpg over the whole journey or 2. some form of ‘snapshot’ of a mpg figure for the last ‘some’ distance ?
  6. I’m trying to understand what this means. At the end of a journey if the display shows, says, 60 mpg does this reflect the actual avg. mpg. since the start of the journey OR is it some sort of indication of mpg just for the last short segment of the journey ?
  7. You can change the setting for this in the central display. But, I have to say you’re quite mistaken, this will make absolutely NO difference to the rate of acceleration !
  8. Pretty sure touch 2 go doesn’t support either android auto or apple car play. I suspect the unit also isn’t ‘seeing ‘ your phone as a usb device. Depending on the type of phone you have it may be possible to set it to ‘storage mode’ so it should see it then. Android only I suspect, don’t think it’s possible with iPhones.
  9. Yes, they reversed the spec for MY2019 Icon Tech. Rear sensors became standard and front optional. My 2018 had the optional rear sensors fitted whilst front sensors came as standard.
  10. Well, I contacted Toyota GB and here is their reply .... Toyota Customer Relations ref: CASE1131523
  11. Browsing my purchases on My Toyota and noticed that my ‘sub’ to Google street view expired 30/4/2019... Given I only downloaded it a couple of months ago any idea why ? Has this app been removed from My Toyota ? If I try to access in on my touch 2 with go it tells me it’s no longer accessible...
  12. @robc123...I notice in the screenshot that “mobile hotspot” is turned off. is this the problem ? Try turning it ON. EDIT...Just read up and, I’m wrong..that’s not needed...sorry for duff info.
  13. Sorry...I was asking OP... Not all sim tariffs allow tethering, I thought that could be the problem.
  14. Does your tariff allow tethering ?
  15. Not sure of exact problem ? are you saying “cannot pair with samsung” or you can but not then connect to internet ? If former .. I would suggest clearing everything on unit and phone and starting again.