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  1. Yes, they reversed the spec for MY2019 Icon Tech. Rear sensors became standard and front optional. My 2018 had the optional rear sensors fitted whilst front sensors came as standard.
  2. Well, I contacted Toyota GB and here is their reply .... Toyota Customer Relations ref: CASE1131523
  3. Browsing my purchases on My Toyota and noticed that my ‘sub’ to Google street view expired 30/4/2019... Given I only downloaded it a couple of months ago any idea why ? Has this app been removed from My Toyota ? If I try to access in on my touch 2 with go it tells me it’s no longer accessible...
  4. @robc123...I notice in the screenshot that “mobile hotspot” is turned off. is this the problem ? Try turning it ON. EDIT...Just read up and, I’m wrong..that’s not needed...sorry for duff info.
  5. Sorry...I was asking OP... Not all sim tariffs allow tethering, I thought that could be the problem.
  6. Does your tariff allow tethering ?
  7. Not sure of exact problem ? are you saying “cannot pair with samsung” or you can but not then connect to internet ? If former .. I would suggest clearing everything on unit and phone and starting again.
  8. Will it not ‘default ‘ to the last station selected when unit switched off ? incidentally, FM also displays similar station and song information.
  9. After suffering windscreen icing up earlier in the winter months I bought one of these ... Happy to report no problems since, even during the current cold, damp mornings when the outside is covered in either condensation or light frost.
  10. Hot spot/tethering is the same thing..... others can only use your ‘hotspot’ if they know the pwd (just like your router).... if you have an ipad (or even maybe your pc) you could try to see if either can connect to the internet via your hotspot. That will confirm if it’s working. if you go to the hotspot in settings I think the pwd (for a wifi connect) is there....
  11. Yes I can. I’m on 3 (same as id mobile) ...I used to have an iphone se but now an iPhone X. Both allow access to the internet from the Yaris. Edit... just done a quick search and, according to this... id mobile doesn’t allow tethering.... and seems to be confirmed by their community...
  12. Are you sure your particular mobile tariff allows ‘tethering ‘ or ‘personal hotspot ‘ ? Not all do.
  13. Mine (sometimes) does this and I’m putting it down to the same thing. strangely, because it does it even though “audio is off”....can only assume Nav is still running in the background. could also be front ‘sensors ‘ which seem to be affected in the strangest of ways by passing traffic etc.
  14. I recently bought this ... which I’ve tested as regards “smart start” and verified it works (my icon tech has ‘normal’ remote locking. Another product I bought (Auto Express “best buy”) didn’t, as I found out when on a w/end away, with spare fob in overnight bag, I got a warning when I tried to lock the car with bag still in boot. “Key still in car”....
  15. I think you’ve got things the wrong way round. should’nt warm water go in via the top hose ? cool, then fall, (hot water falls as it cools) then enter the engine via the bottom hose