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  1. Mine (sometimes) does this and I’m putting it down to the same thing. strangely, because it does it even though “audio is off”....can only assume Nav is still running in the background. could also be front ‘sensors ‘ which seem to be affected in the strangest of ways by passing traffic etc.
  2. I recently bought this ... which I’ve tested as regards “smart start” and verified it works (my icon tech has ‘normal’ remote locking. Another product I bought (Auto Express “best buy”) didn’t, as I found out when on a w/end away, with spare fob in overnight bag, I got a warning when I tried to lock the car with bag still in boot. “Key still in car”....
  3. I think you’ve got things the wrong way round. should’nt warm water go in via the top hose ? cool, then fall, (hot water falls as it cools) then enter the engine via the bottom hose
  4. In “settings” somewhere there is an option to “import contacts”. Perhaps try re importing. I don’t know for sure if it happens automatically when you first pair. (It does when the phone subsequently re pairs each time)...
  5. Whoops ! Missed that....still getting used in (differing) yaris specs.
  6. Yes, Iphone X connected to car. should’nt make any difference though, both are on latest iOS version. I was reluctant to try it the other way round in case (somehow) I messd up my existing setup !
  7. Finally able to test my setup. Calling from iPhone SE to iPhone X and both contact name and number appeared on touch screen. I’d be tempted to completely remove phone from settings, re add and re import contacts.
  8. Any success @YarisOAP ? Reason I ask is I’d be interested to hear how much data you find you are using with phone constantly linked to internet.
  9. Could well be because this .. is the liner and it’s got the same part number. here’s one which appears to be home made ...
  10. These are some (random) google results.... one thing that occurs to me is have you registered your unit on the Toyota portal via you vin number.... from what I can see the “subscription “ comes included for 3 years from new but you must (somehow) have to register your unit to activate it online.
  11. Reference Guide 21042015_tcm-3060-405975.pdf
  12. The Street View of the desired location can be viewed. This function requires an Internet con- nection and a login to the Toyota portal site. (P.132, 225) Ok, it says (P132) to login to the “toyota portal” on the touch 2. Think that means “login to my toyota, which you’ve done. After you’ve logged in, display the “Toyota online menu screen” and “street view “ should be one of the apps listed.... Apparently you access this by pressing the ‘world’ (globe) symbol on the screen (top right corner, I think), which is supposed to toggle between phone and portal have you downloaded the touch 2 manual from My Toyota’s detailed there.
  13. I think there should be a setting to (totally) delete the phone in settings. Then just start again by pairing the new phone and importing the contacts.
  14. YHave you turned on “personal Hotspot “ in Iphone settings? you then have to go into settings on toyota touch 2 and configure internet connection (pretty obvious when you see the screen)...