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  1. Does the Cross come with NAV element in the head unit ? If not I assume you can’t have NAV configured in HUD.
  2. Thanks, I’ve submitted a query, let’s see if I get a response.
  3. No, thought of ringing my dealer but haven’t bothered yet, where did you report it ? Just looking on MyToyota website and I can’t see any references to “contact us”.
  4. PCP rates have already been posted … ”£611 per month over 36 months with ….” See above post.
  5. Not sure what’s happening with MyT app but my order has disappeared from the ‘garage’. All I can see is my existing Yaris ?
  6. What delivery did your dealer give you when you placed the order ?
  7. Road test and review of a pre release model in this weeks Auto Express. Toyota are looking to focus heavily on “kinto one”. A form of leasing which bundles everything into one monthly payment. £611 per month over 3 years with a £3662 initial rental.All bZ4X owners will benefit from a home wallbox, 6 months free access to Toyota’s charging network and 3 years roadside assistance. The same car on a PCP costs £670 per month with the same deposit but servicing is £12 per month extra.
  8. You’ll probably get a better idea of the figure if you use the “value my car” option on the Toyota configurator.
  9. Ordered Excel in Decuma grey, expecting September.
  10. I look forward to seeing one ‘in the metal’, the lower rear ‘diffuser’ looks very nice !
  11. It’s a normal Yaris Hybrid engine (?) …… Are you getting confused with the “Yaris GR” ?
  12. I think that’s normal. Apparently the wifi connection disconnects each time the power is switched off. See here …..
  13. Unless you know something to confirm that, then I suggest it’s far too early to be making forecasts of that nature ! I ordered an Excel with tech pack last week and the dealer was confident of a September delivery. The configurator is currently showing 27 weeks availability.
  14. The setting you’ve changed turns off both Smart entry AND Smart start. perhaps the best thing is to show your sister how to turn off the smart key fob each time then she can enter using the blipper.
  15. But my confusion is , if you expand these packs …. both the advanced park (and sat nav) appear to be ‘crossed out” ?
  16. This appears to have replaced the ‘bean bag’ https://www.halfords.com/technology/sat-nav/sat-nav-accessories/garmin-sat-nav-portable-friction-mount-164040.html or this … https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/1144295614
  17. Presumably, from what you say, p/ex was not an option ?
  18. Can anyone confirm which, if any, versions of the Cross have this feature fitted as part of the city pack. There seems to be some confusion between the brochure and the configurator as to if it comes as part of the pack. EDIT.. Apologies for multiple posting caused by trying to edit this …
  19. Now been announced as orders available now with delivery from May https://www.carwow.co.uk/mazda/news/5750/new-mazda-2-hybrid-revealed-price-specs-release-date https://www.mazda.co.uk/mazda2-hybrid/ Interesting that, to me, top spec. (select) version looks like discontinued ‘Dynamic’ Yaris spec. but with 16” wheels.
  20. Trying to plan a journey and send it to my Touch 2 with Go. Instructions refer to “journey planner” in MyToyota portal, but nowhere can I find it. Has it been discontinued ?
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