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  1. All fitted and working perfectly. Just to confirm that cruise control stalk part number 84632-34011 works perfectly on a 2018 Auris HSD Tourer.
  2. That’s great, thanks very much. Mine is grey interior but I’ll pop to Toyota and order the part so it should be right!
  3. Hi, can anyone point me to the part number for a replacement cover for the cruise control stalk where it passes through the steering wheel cowl? I’ve ordered a cruise control stalk but don’t want to drill the existing cover. It’s for a 2018 hybrid. Thanks.
  4. Did you ever get anywhere with this?
  5. Hi All, I’ve flicked through this very useful thread but I’m still unsure if I can fit cruise to my 2018 Auris HSD Icon Tourer? Can anyone let me know if the methods suggested in the thread work on the most recent models? Thanks!