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  1. Good morning All, whilst driving yesterday there was a beep, a warning triangle appeared lit on the dash and the message "possible ice on road" was displayed. Outside temperature was 3c and when the temperature rose to 4c and above, the message disappeared. Can anyone say if there are any other such warning messages just waiting for the right circumstance to appear? Thanks, Phil.
  2. Thanks Ian, that sounds pretty much like what I've been able to find out. I do wonder whether the 4.3's system (4WD to 2WD) is an improvement on the permanent 4WD of the 4.2?
  3. Yep, I've used them for a couple of little issues on the 4.2 and while I was in there the other day this one caught my eye. I've only heard good things about Roys.
  4. Ah, I see. Thank you chaps, it looks like I've bought a 4.3 then. Confusion for me was when the dealer stated "it's permanent 4wd, just like your old one". I had thought all the 4.3's started off in 4wd and switched to 2wd at around 25mph or so, with the "active" part ready to spring into action if it detected a loss of grip. This is what I've bought (56 plate):
  5. Hello All, I'm picking up a 2006 Rav4 XT4 2.0L VVTi on Wednesday. Changing from a 2003 4.2 GX 2.0L VVTi. Is there a definitive way to tell whether the XT4 is a 4.2 or 4.3? Many thanks.