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  1. Many thanks for the info! Apologies to all for my duplicate post just now...🙄
  2. As my car is pearlescent white the interior white inserts aren’t too out of place. I can live with the steering wheel (not that I have a lot of choice...) but would really like to replace the white gear lever surround - with black, ideally. Has anyone done it?
  3. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks!
  4. I’m not aware of having any battery deg so far - and wouldn’t expect to in a car only 12 months old with 8,000 miles on it - and my first service last week ( Listers, Stratford were very good and didn’t quibble about me taking my own oil...) confirmed all is well. But I do wonder about the health of the battery pack over the next year or two especially having read Tesla apparently advise keeping battery charge between 30 - 70% and not to fully charge or allow to go fully flat too often for maximum battery life. Frankly, that is exactly what I do most days on my car and, as far as I’m aware, there’s no option but to fully recharge when plugged in and as the range is only 25-30 miles, why wouldn’t you? Anyone got experience of, or view on, this issue - if it is one?
  5. You’ve solved a mystery for me which has been driving me up the wall (if not up the hill...): I could not figure out why, when the ICE fist kicked in, the car still wanted to run the battery as well. Now I know - thanks! By the way, do you have any idea how any recharges the battery pack is designed for? Doing it every day has got me wondering...
  6. I would say I’m getting around 25 miles now it’s winter. All down to speed and terrain of course. In my experience nothing kills the range more than hills (well, going up them obviously...) so I tend to toggle back to ICE mode if I see a long hill ahead. I refuse to compromise on heating at this time of year so have it well cranked up. I’m all for great fuel economy and doing my bit for the planet but there is a limit...
  7. Excellent point about potentially the windscreen being misted up and therefore the AHB not working properly because I’d probably only driven a mile or two at that point. What would have made it worse was pre-heating the car before I set off which always seems to cause all windows to be fogged up when I first get in it and takes some clearing. Coupled with the fact they most certainly don’t work at low speeds, which I really need around our country lane, I think I’ll give up and switch to manual. !Removed! frustrating.
  8. Up until now, I’ve thought the adaptive headlights on my Gen 4 Prius plug-in worked well but, this morning, I had countless cars coming towards me flashing their lights because mine weren’t dipping quickly enough - and they were right: I could tell the lights were slow to react. This was around 7am so still properly dark. No idea why I should suddenly have this problem because it’s not been an issue before and, as far as I can tell, their sensitivity isn’t adjustable unless someone knows different? Anyone else had this problem?
  9. This may be a little simplistic but, in the morning, I simply point the key fob towards the car through the window and hit the A/C button. . It's so quick to warm up that 5-7 mins later it's toasty warm and off I go. Who needs heated seats!
  10. Great review and, having had my PHV for a couple of months now, I agree with just about everything you've written. At the risk of asking a question which may well have been answered elsewhere, what is a Carista dongle and what will you be able to do with it? Thanks Richard
  11. Many thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I've got an iPhone but there may (hopefully) be a similar function. I'll have a look.
  12. I plug my phone in to recharge most days. All good, but I keep forgetting to take it with me when I get out of the car. My Audi used to give a reminder when I opened the door. Does the Prius 4 have this facility? If it does, I can't find it in any of the menus.
  13. Mine are Bridgestone. I think it's just a feature of the car, but if you find Dunlops solve the problem (albeit a minor one) would be interested to know.
  14. I swapped out of an V6 Audi A4 Avant to this which may seem like a crazy thing to do but I became increasingly intolerant of the appalling ride quality and lack of (legal) opportunity to use the performance and , having read the Autocar long term test of the Plug In, decided to try one as it seemed like it would suit my everyday needs. Toyota Stratford were excellent and let me have their demonstrator for the day so I could really get a feel for the car. What struck me straightaway was the amazing ride quality - it was like someone had resurfaced the roads when I wasn't looking - and the excellent overall refinement, especially in EV mode. Excel spec meant it had all the toys I wanted and a good deal was done on a car sourced elsewhere in the dealer network. After a month my impressions are: Good It rides better than any car I've had in 20 years Average fuel economy is a barely believable 131mpg, including a good amount of motorway driving and I don't drive like I'm on an eco run. 30 miles in EV mode is easily achievable which covers a good proportion of my day to day pottering about. Recharging from the household supply is under 3 hours (flat to fully charged) Refinement. It's so quiet although there's a bit of road noise (probably because the car is so quiet overall). Fab sound system. Stunningly good headlights. Bad Boot space is silly. If Hyundai can figure out how to produce a plug in Ioniq with decent boot space, Toyota should be able to. Horn. So embarrassingly skweaky I try not to use it. Upgrade imminent! Overall, this is an excellent car and one I would not have considered if it hadn't been for the Autocar test.
  15. RichSH

    Prius Gen 4 Horn

    Apologies in advance if this is a stupid question, but how did you access the horns to replace them? I'm assuming it's via the top black plastic cover? My 2017 plug in is a great car but the horn is terrible!