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  1. The JBL system in my Prius PHEV is very good I must say. It would be frustrating to take a step back so thanks for the heads up. Whilst I’d like the better performance of the 2.0l Corolla, it’s a lot of money to change (particularly as I’d want Excel spec to get the same level of equipment I have now). My Prius is 3 years old so two years left on the warranty, done 21,000 miles and worth a paltry £13K...
  2. Thanks, Ian. Really helpful. I’m pretty sure the Excel 2l is 18” rims only and coming from 15” on the Prius with high profile tyres, that’s going to be a challenge...But the interior is nicer and is the only spec to offer the option of JBL sound (why?!), standard in the Prius, it’s this version or nothing. Will get a test drive as soon as things open up.
  3. Many thanks for the feedback. I really wanted an Excel spec but you can only get it with 18” wheels which I think is a bit marginal to ride quality so may look at Design but can’t have the JBL sound system. Very frustrating! The JBL in my Prius is really good and I’m concerned about the potential downgrade in quality. Might just have to bite the bullet...
  4. Had a look and the general view seems to be ride and performance are good. But you can’t beat hearing from an actual owner...
  5. I currently have a 67 reg Prius PHEV which is excellent in many ways: spectacular economy, fabulous ride, great led headlights and a very good JBL sound system. Downsides are a very small boot (because of the traction battery) and modest performance which, most of the time isn’t an issue, but just occasionally.... So, I’m thinking of swapping to the 2 litre Corolla Sports Tourer in Excel spec. I’m interested to hear from anyone who has made a similar change and specifically: what is the ride like with the (only available choice) 18” rims; is the performance significantly better than th
  6. From memory, the traction battery has a capacity of approx 8kKw. At the 3-4 miles per kWh I mentioned above gives a range of 24-32 miles depending, largely,on external temperature and speed. That’s exactly what I’ve experienced over the last 3 years.
  7. If you’re asking about miles/k/Wh, I get between 3 and 4.
  8. I’m beginning to wonder. I had my car plugged in for several days to make sure the 12v battery was (theoretically) fully charged. Unplugged in on Tuesday just to see what would happen and by Saturday, checking it with my newly purchased battery condition device, it Indicated it needed recharging - urgently. I went out for a drive for 45 mins and it then showed the battery to be charged. If it holds the charge, it means plugging in doesn’t re-charge the 12v battery. If it doesn’t, the battery is duff.
  9. Jay, you’re right. I contacted Toyota GB who confirmed this morning that plugging a PHEV into the mains does indeed charge the 12v system. Hopefully that’s the problem solved.
  10. Interestingly, the Toyota maintenance blog on how to maintain battery condition on hybrids doesn’t mention remaining plugged in for PHEVs but simply says turn the car on and into ready- mode for a period each week. That says to me mains charging doesn’t top up the 12v battery. I jump started the car to get it going and went for a drive and all seems well for now. Will obviously keep an eye on it but it seems poor to me to be so susceptible to a flat battery.
  11. Like most others, I’ve been doing some short journeys recently but was safe in the knowledge that having plugged in to charge the traction battery on returning home all would be well with the 12v one. A couple of weeks ago I disconnected the cable as there didn’t seem much point in having it connected all the time. Went out to the car today to move it and it’s as dead as a dodo: central locking went haywire, alarm went off and, once I got in through the only door which would unlock (n/s front), I was presented with a blank screen when I pressed the start button. This rate of degradation seems
  12. With the Covid-19 lockdown due to get more draconian my car isn’t doing much mileage and that I am doing is almost all on EV alone. When running in EV mode, does this charge the 12v battery or does the engine need to run to do this?
  13. Whilst the LED headlights are excellent for their range and spread, I notice they can be a little slow to dip for on-coming traffic to the extent I get the occasional full-beam treatment in return. I can’t find anything relevant in the settings menu, so does anyone know whether the “sensitivity” can be adjusted?
  14. This may well be a stupid question but why are gen 2/3 cars vulnerable to cat thefts and gen 4 aren’t?
  15. Many thanks for the info! Apologies to all for my duplicate post just now...🙄
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