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  1. I had this problem a lot over the years doing MOT's on cars after they had been parked up for a while.In 99% of the cases i sat pressing the hazard switch on & off for a while which sorted them.Best of luck i hope it works on yours.
  2. X5Ken

    15" Alloy Wheels

    Has anyone got or know of a set of black 15" alloy wheels for sale.With or without tyres & i don't mind ones that require referb as long as the price is right.
  3. I would check what peugeot say as it's virtually the same.
  4. X5Ken


    That's what i thought so i need to know what one is the simplest to fit.I have no idea if there would be any wiring there to work with another unit that Toyota fit.
  5. X5Ken


    Its not touch screen.
  6. X5Ken


    I have a 2015 Aygo with a standard stereo is there a direct replacement one with sat nav that i can fit please.
  7. Any car paint abrasive polish such as paint restorer will transform them.They are coated with clear lacquer that fades in the sun, if they are wet flatted & re lacquered they come up like new.
  8. Have you looked at the Peugeot equivalent,I know they fitted on older Aygo's.
  9. My BMW X5 will go flat after a week,modern cars have a lot still live all the time so can not be left to long.
  10. I must admit Zuh i have not been on a long trip in the aygo yet as i would use the X5 but if i decide to leave my caravan down the coast i will try it.If i find i can not put up with it i will probably sell them both and get something in between.
  11. I have a 2015 aygo and have been pleasantly surprised how good it is,pulls very well for 1lt.Mine has 29k on the clock and drives very smoothly with no rattles,creaks ect.I am used to driving my X5 BMW that is a 4.4 V8 but love driving the Aygo.
  12. X5Ken


    I am not the most economical driver Kevin,I am used to driving my X5 4.4 V8.
  13. X5Ken


    Up date : my mpg has just worked out at 58.4 thats tank full to tank full,happy enough with that.
  14. X5Ken

    Tyre pressures

    Work have there gauges checked on a regular basis.
  15. X5Ken

    Tyre pressures

    I run mine on Toyota spec & find it's ok.Have you checked them with a different gauge in case the one you use is wrong ? If you lower the pressure from toyota spec it will wear the outer edges of the tyres & could be less stable.Mine is 2015 so Mk2.