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  1. Ross Mac 22

    Aygo Front Brake pads

    sorry just realised i had comments i hadn't replied to, i got 20000 miles from the set of front pads and there was about 3mm left when i replaced them. i had watched videos on you tube but they were older models and wasn't convinced the calipers would be the same, turns out they were. calipers just pushed back in as alan333 and x5ken said. thanks for replies Ross
  2. Ross Mac 22

    Aygo Front Brake pads

    Thanks Alan, appreciate the info Ross
  3. Ross Mac 22

    Aygo Front Brake pads

    thanks for reply, should be replacing at weekend so will feedback cheers Ross
  4. Ross Mac 22

    Aygo Front Brake pads

    Hi There, my 65 plate Aygo X is needing new front pads, which i'm planning on replacing myself with after market parts I've replaced pads on a few different cars over the years but on thse cars you could push the calipers back with a G clamp, I'm aware that on more modern cars you need to turn the caliper at the same time as you press it in. Ive also heard rumours that the calipers can only be retracted via computer hook up ( unsure about this one) My question is has any one replaced the front pads and if so are the calipers turned clock wise or anti clockwise during the process and are both sides the same? (ie) drivers side opposite from passengers side I have read through a good pages of the forums but not found any info, if abyone can help it would be very much appreciated. Many Thanks Ross