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  1. Yep, just to be clear, when in 'ready' mode, the traction battery is engaged which is a bit like having the alternator running on a non-hybrid combustion engine. So the traction battery keeps the 12v battery topped up and runs all the electrics. You'll probably notice that your traction battery will have emptied well before an hour is up (even faster with the electric AC running) and the engine will kick in to replenish periodically.
  2. If all fuses are ok and there is no smoke/fire then you haven't shorted anything out. If you unplug the camera, does the problem go away? Is your car able to start normally? Could the 12v battery be low?
  3. I had heard that hybrids aren't any good on the motorway but I bought one anyway after testing one out. Turns out that they are excellent on the motorway, I regularly see 55+ mpg on a 40 mile run and that only increases once I reach town as the full battery gets me most of the way to my destination with very little assistance from the engine. The onboard computer does overguesstimate by 3-4mpg, but my long term average (calculated brim to brim fillups) over the last 9 months or so is 54.5mpg (UK) over 4600 miles with a fair mixture of short local journeys to the supermarket and longer runs at up to 65mph. I don't tend to drive faster as I prefer a relaxed drive, which by the way the hybrid system promotes. Part of the reason why I chose the hybrid is because it encourages gentle acceleration and it is extremely relaxing to drive. The only minor annoyance is going uphill with cruise on makes the engine a bit loud sometimes but wafting in town on battery more than makes up for that.
  4. Ah that may be where I'm going wrong. Too fast. But on a busy through road, the cars behind appreciate prompt parking 🙂
  5. I find it hit and miss, even with a space large enough. When it does work, it parks the car quite a way away from the kerb which on my old victorian terraced street is sub optimal. I don't bother with it personally.
  6. I did wonder if gen 4 might address some of these things, I'm looking forward to trying it out one day.
  7. I've had my 2014 Auris Hybrid TS for 9 months or so now, and I'm loving it, a lot more than I expected. I'm curious about the way the battery/motor is used during acceleration. Say you're on a flat road, maybe 55mph or something like that. Eco mode. Lets say you want to accelerate. Accelerator input is about 3/4 of the way, the engine RPM will be quite high, nearly at the top of the power band. At this point, acceleration is mild and the battery is still receiving charge. Now, you gently push the accelerator all the way down. RPM didn't change much but there is a noticeable kick from the motor, now it provides maximum assistance. Acceleration is now fairly brisk, indeed 50-70mph is actually pretty impressive. My question, really an observation I suppose, is... why doesn't Toyota provide more battery assist earlier on? If I've been travelling long enough, my battery will be 2 bars from full (so at its normal maintained charge). It seems to me that instead of increasing RPM for those moments of 3/4 throttle accelerations (or indeed climbing a slight incline), that battery charge could be used instead and then replenished during any subsequent coasting/downhill. It would reduce the annoying high engine RPM and, possibly, improve efficiency (it's already excellent so no complaints there).
  8. I find EV mode handy in car parks where you need over the mid point of ECO on the power-o-meter to get up the ramps. Apart from that, it isn't much use. Over 20mph it dis-engages (no idea why, makes no sense to me) whereas if you keep the throttle at or below the mid ECO mark in non-ev mode, it'll stay on battery all the way up to 48mph. How quickly you get there depends on traffic, gradient, charge in the battery and so on but it is possible. So EV mode handy for car parks. ECO/Normal for everywhere else and control EV mode with the throttle.
  9. @mrpj No thanks. It's just wasted energy running it full time. Not to mention harder to keep bacteria free if the evaporator is permanently wet. In my 3 decades on the road, I've never yet damaged an AC unit by not running it full time.
  10. I think the climate control in my outgoing BMW E61 also preferred the windscreen if the humidity was high. I generally ran with the AC off in that car as well and the windows were usually not fogged up, so didn't need it. The climate control seemed happier with AC on so I know that car definitely did take humidity into account. I do (and have always) run AC once or twice a month during the colder months for exactly that reason, preservation of seals. Otherwise, it's just wasted energy running it full time. Not to mention harder to keep bacteria free if the evaporator is permanently wet.
  11. I'm finding that now we're into the colder months, the climate control auto mode seems to want to send air to the windscreen only. It actually indicates windscreen and floor but mostly its windscreen. Is there a humidity sensor that governs this? I'm running with AC off, set at 22c and my windows are not fogged up for reference. The cabin temperature is fine except my feet are cold. If I manually select floor or face and floor, then I get warmth to my feet. If I manually select screen and floor, virtually no air is directed to the floor.
  12. Can you record the sound? That will help. My first thought is a broken exhaust mount or something like that but without hearing it, it will be hard to pinpoint.
  13. The discs look normal to me, consistent with other non-hybrid cars I've owned. I don't think using the handbrake will help, in fact the rear wheels have a lot more brake dust on them than the fronts. Is it the rears you are having trouble with?
  14. Yes indeedy, that's consistent with what I've seen on some of my journeys also 🙂