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  1. Hi Matt, I wish I did. But good on you mate! There is some very valuable info on there. Cheers Johnny
  2. Yes, good work Mike. I just chucked a futon mattress on top. Very comfortable. Slept like a baby! OK some cider helped... Lol😎 Johnny
  3. Cool, Fully understand. Make it happen Tony, if you can. TEOC was a great source and I love the team that helped me there. I really hope the peeps @TEOC archive the threads. There is some seriously valuable stuff there(I know because I wrote some of it). Otherwise all that sweat n blood will disappear into digital oblivion! Here's hoping😱😱 Johnny Utah
  4. Tony, Sincerely hope your little Mrs. picks up. You need to have a dream though. I have camped in my old 1993 TD import 8 seater for over 10 years now. Made the curtains and runners myself. The daughter and her friend only slept in it last night on our drive. practical! Great vehicles for camping/surfing with. And you don't need to worry about sitting in a layby for the AA every time you set off, like the type 2 VW camper I used to have! Cheers Johnny
  5. Hi, I got my 2003 2.4 Areas g spec, 8 seater. undersealed as soon as it got off the boat. So clean. 50,000 miles!! An absolute pleasure to drive. Just need to get some curtains in it and it will double up as the new surf bus. The seats go down into a very comfortable double bed too. People cannot believe its 15 years old. Definitely will import another without any worries. A lot of bang for your buck!😎😋 Happy driving! Johnny
  6. Hi, I bought a OM500 code reader after lots of research for my 2003 Esti. £29 from eBay. It will read codes fine and clear codes too. Seems to be well constructed too! They're still available on ebay. I connected mine no problem and it definitely was talking with the ECU with no error messages. Hope this helps.. Johnny
  7. Hi guys, Yep it was a shame TEOC shut down. Great source of knowledge. Also got me back on the road a few times. Thanks for the link Frosty. However, one door closes and another one opens.😁
  8. Hi, I have finally found a good owners forum after TEOC has shut down. I have owned Estima imports for over 10 years now and love them to bits. Just imported the one in the pic this year from Japan. I'm fairly handy with a spanner and keen to share info and help other owners if I can. Even if its just moral support. Have a great summer peeps. Catch you soon.... Johnny