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  1. Great tips, thank you; much appreciated.
  2. Hi Phil, thanks for your reply; very useful to know. Yes I had gathered that the spark plug change at around 60,000 Miles was a biggie and pricey. So need to check that it’s already been done or factor in the expense if I buy something with higher than 60k mileage.
  3. Hi Phil, thanks for your info/reply; sorry only just seen it. Yes I had heard about the poor battery, so good to have that confirmed by an owner. It’s interesting that you have a 2015 Auto coz I’ve been looking at a few 2014/2015 Autos. You obviously like yours; I note that the enthusiasts dislike them coz they seem to think it’s not reconcilable with the ethos or performance of a ‘true’ sports car. I get that but I’m not a ‘petrol head’, just a guy who likes Toyota and wants a weekend/summer car to replace an equally awesome weekend MR2. If you were to do it again, would you buy Auto again or manual? Also, are there any particular problems or issues associated with this Auto box as opposed to the manual? I gather that some manuals have suffered from notch gear change, especially cold?
  4. I notice you have a 2016 Aygo X Play. I’m gonna be buying a 3 door 2017 Reg X Play for my Fiance for Xmas; have you been happy with yours?
  5. Hi, yes thank you. Yre absolutely right, and I have read as many of those reports and reviews as are out there, in the last year or so. Theoretically therefore I feel I know a lot about them, but hearing things direct from owners is where it’s at. Also sometimes those reviews are in conflict with owners experiences. A great example of that is the Audi TT. That car consistently gets 5 star rave reviews, but a) Audi reliability in terms of any official indexes is pretty poor b) Many owners seems to report very questionable reliability too, with consistent recurring themes of cambelt and water pump problems, failing sensors, dash electronics failures etc etc. Yet you get very little or any sense of those things from the reviews. Similarly whilst I understand in theory what some of the issues with the GT86, they may well be contradicted by owners. That’s what I’m keen to get to know here really. Thank you Tim
  6. I need some advice please. I’m a long time lover of Toyota cars; I’ve been driving a Yaris for the last 8 years which has been virtually bombproof. Im very happy with the Yaris for daily driving, but I have an MR2 for weekends, and summer runs out etc. That too has been super reliable but it has virtually no luggage space etc. I’m thinking of selling it and replacing it with another coupe, i.e a GT86, for the same purpose; fun,not daily car. Friends say to buy an Audi TT coupe instead, but I wanna stick with Toyota. Judging by my MR2 it will only do about 2000 miles a year and would always be garaged and on trickle charge in between. With this in mind I have a few questions: 1. Is the GT86 as reliable as is usual with Toyotas? 2. If properly and regularly serviced, would a high miler still be a good buy? (I’m thinkin a 12 to 14 Reg). 3. Any rust issues apart from the well documented quarter light pillar? 4. Automatic or manual? 5. Any particular problems to be aware of? Any other miscellaneous relevant info much appreciated. Thanks in advance Tim
  7. Hi, Just need some advice please. I intend buying my wife a small city car. I drive a Yaris which I’ve had for 7 years and it’s been superb; bombproof. But she fancies the Aygo coz it’s slightly smaller. She wants the 3 door Xplay, 16/17 Reg, and we have £5000 to £6000 to spend on it, but my questions are these? 1. Are the Argos of the above years (16/17) still plagued by water ingress problems suffered by previous earlier Aygos? 2. Can we expect good overall reliability? I know it will be under warranty at this age but still don’t wanna be forever takin it to main dealer. 3. Anything to be especially diligent about? Thank you; any help/advice much appreciated. Tim