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  1. HughA

    no dash lights or start on hybrid

    Forgot to say, make sure the key is physically inside the car when you try to start the system or the immobiliser will prevent it working.
  2. HughA

    no dash lights or start on hybrid

    Make sure your foot is on the brake and press the start button once. READY should light up on the dash. Don't expect the engine to start. The electric motor you hear is just the pump for the brake system. Gear shift to D, foot off brake and off you go. The engine will start when it needs to and only then. Starting from a standstill is always on battery power. If the EV light is on you are running on battery. The EV light goes out when the engine starts. That's what SHOULD happen if everything is OK. If the READY light doesn't come on then the hybrid system hasn't started and I suggest you look at the fault finding section of the driver's manual. Good luck.
  3. HughA

    Yaris Hybrid aircon power use

    Not weird at all. The higher the outside temperature the harder the air con has to work so the compressor will run for longer periods not shorter.