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  1. Totally agree with stevecrvn. Had my 2015 Yaris Icon Hybrid for 18 months now. it has zero road tax and I have been averaging 57mpg. I find that after a quick burst of acceleration you can ease off the accelerator and the revs will drop but it still keeps accelerating quite well. I have no trouble keeping up with traffic on motorways without the engine screaming despite what some reviewers would have you believe. The transmission is superb in traffic and very reponsive, unlike some automatics. A lot of the motoring press seem to be very biased against Toyota hybrids. I suspect many reviews are based on only a few hours driving, it does take a few days to adjust your driving style to get the best out of a hybrid.
  2. If the oil pump needs the engine to run, how does the gearbox get lubricated in EV mode when the engine isn't running?
  3. Fusebox is on passenger side beneath the glove compartment.
  4. Your battery may need replacing. My Yaris Hybrid does nearly all short trips round town, less than 5 miles and about 2 to 3 longer trips a month. Never had any problems with the 12 v battery. Have you got anything connected to unswitched 12 volts such as a dashcam? This could soon run down the battery.
  5. I have a 65 plate Yaris Icon Hybrid and it came with a space saver spare but I believe the well in the boot will accept a normal wheel if you prefer that. You need a 15 inch wheel for a Mk3 Yaris, not one for the Yaris Excel which I believe has 16 inch wheels. You need to decide if you want a steel wheel or a matching alloy. I would go with steel as there are so many different styles of alloys.
  6. Yaris Hybrid has a very good turning circle, possibly because of the narrow tyres.
  7. Katie, have you accidentally set the map display to traffic mode?
  8. I think you have that the wrong way round! Regenerative braking can only work on the front as that's where the motor/generator is connected. Rear brakes are conventional only but probably don't operate much during regenerative braking.
  9. HughA

    occasional beeping

    On my 2016 Icon Hybrid the double beep is definitely a speed camera warning, not a speed limit warning. It happens when I approach a speed camera even if I am well under the limt! If I exceed the speed limit I get a spoken warning "You are over the speed limit". I have this set to 3 mph over the limit but it can be set higher.
  10. If it is flooded the best way to clear it is as follows:- Turn on ignition, push the accelerator to the floor and hold it there. Try to start the engine and keep it turning on the starter for 30 seconds or until it starts. If it starts take your foot off the accelerator and let the engine idle for a while. If it doesn't start then flooding may not be the problem. Good luck
  11. Got my 2016 Yaris Icon Hybrid last July and since then my MPG has varied between 62 summer and 52 winter. I do a lot of short trips around town and the occasional long trip involving motorway driving. I find the type of journey has little impact on consumption, temperature has the largest effect. MPG started to drop below 60 in November and is now steady at 52. I always calculate MPG from full tank to full tank though I find the trip computer in the car to be fairly accurate to within 1-2 MPG. My previous Hyundai i20 Auto only managed 30-40 mpg and was useless on short trips. The Yaris is a much nicer to drive as well.
  12. Forgot to say, make sure the key is physically inside the car when you try to start the system or the immobiliser will prevent it working.
  13. Make sure your foot is on the brake and press the start button once. READY should light up on the dash. Don't expect the engine to start. The electric motor you hear is just the pump for the brake system. Gear shift to D, foot off brake and off you go. The engine will start when it needs to and only then. Starting from a standstill is always on battery power. If the EV light is on you are running on battery. The EV light goes out when the engine starts. That's what SHOULD happen if everything is OK. If the READY light doesn't come on then the hybrid system hasn't started and I suggest you look at the fault finding section of the driver's manual. Good luck.
  14. Not weird at all. The higher the outside temperature the harder the air con has to work so the compressor will run for longer periods not shorter.