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  1. I had this on my Yaris Hybrid, DAB was fine but nothing on FM. The problem was the amplifier in the base of the aerial. Dealer fixed it under warranty.
  2. Bonnet release is definitely just a cable. Pull the release until you hear a click then find the latch under the front edge of the bonnet. Not sure about the petrol filler but I always thought that was also a cable. The rear hatch is electric though. 12v battery is under the rear seat. The seat cushion can be released by pulling sharply upward. I believe it can be very difficult to release though and its easier to charge using the special terminal in the fuse box.
  3. If you cant open the door with the key fob, don't forget there is a conventional metal key hidden in the key fob that should open the drivers door enabling you to get to the bonnet release.
  4. Not even to top up the washer bottle Mick?
  5. Certainly should do better than that. My 2016 Yaris Icon Hybrid is returning 57 mpg on mainly short (2 to 10 mile trips). I don't bother with ECO mode these days, I find it doesn't really improve the MPG, just makes the car less responsive. I believe the Excel is slightly less economical than the Icon due to the different wheels and tyres but I wouldn't have expected it to be more than 1-2 MPG worse. Are the brakes binding perhaps?
  6. I guess it depends on what you are comparing it with. My previous car was an i20 and when I got my Yaris Hybrid I thought the turning circle was superb, much better then the i20, and visibility for parking excellent. I do agree about the headlights though! Non of the other points bother me in the slightest.
  7. HughA

    Key Batteries

    Did you actually change the battery Mick?
  8. HughA

    Key Batteries

    My key fob battery expired a couple of weeks ago. The warning I got was that I sometimes had to use the physical key to open the drivers door, but I didn't have any problem starting the hybrid system. The other clue I should have spotted was that the red light on the key fob didn't flash when I pressed the button, I only realised this when I replaced the battery and wondered what the red light was! Got a pack of 2 Duracell 2032s from Amazon for £1.96 including shipping, next day delivery.
  9. Front wiper £16.85 at my local main dealer. Fitted free in 30 seconds!.
  10. Thanks for your replies. I have in fact just bought a battery booster but as its a bit too big to go in the glove box, along with all my wife's junk, I was hoping to keep it under the boot floor. I'll probably keep it under front passenger seat with the jack instead.
  11. Is there a way to open the rear hatch on my Yaris Hybrid when the 12 volt battery is flat? I know I can open the driver's door with the key but the rear hatch is electrically operated and has no keyhole. I don't want to keep jump leads under the boot floor if I can't get at them when I need them!
  12. Surely a 2015 Hybrid Icon has cruise control factory fitted? Mine has!
  13. I suspect that in the 3+ years since the last post he has got the job done!
  14. HughA


    Glad you solved the problem. Please tell us which fuse!
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