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  1. If the 12 volt battery goes flat after a couple of days of non use there is something wrong. Either the battery has come to the end of it's natural life or there's a parasitic drain somewhere. My 2015 hybrid is still on it's original battery and has never let me down even though the car often sits idle for 3 or 4 days and rarely gets a long run.
  2. When did the hybrids start having an engine temperature guage? My 2016 Icon doesn't have one. I'm currently getting 46 mpg with nearly all short trips when the engine rarely has a chance to get warm.
  3. I have a 2016 Yaris Hybrid (Icon). It has cruise control but no speed limiter. Non hybrid models have speed limiters but I believe there are technical reasons why hybrids aren't fitted with them. Its a pity because I would use a speed limiter much more than cruise control.
  4. 44mpg does seem a bit low, I would expect low 50s at this time of year. Have you checked your tyre pressures? Pressures will drop in current cold weather and can have a significant effect on economy.
  5. Replacement batteries faulty or incorrectly fitted perhaps? Some key fobs have a red LED that flashes when you press a button. If yours have the LED that will tell you if the battery is OK.
  6. Fuse box should be underneath the glove box.
  7. I must be very lucky with my 5 year old Yaris Hybrid. I do mainly short journeys and the car often sits unused for several days. It has also survived 2 weeks in Gatwick airport car park without issues. I have never had to charge the battery and I just turn off the car as soon as I get to my destination, no special procedures! I have invested in a jump start battery which I keep in the glove box but have never had any need to use it. It may be that parasitic battery drain from dashcams or other accessories is causing problems for some. Of course, having written this my battery will probably go flat tomorrow!
  8. I don't reset the MPG very often, I let it run over 3 or 4 tanks as I find it then gives me a better indication of overall consumption. Just checking it for long trips ignores all those short trips to the shops with the engine cold! I find I always end up with 57 mpg on my Mk3 Hybrid.
  9. Might be under the passenger seat, it was there on my Mk 3 Hybrid.
  10. My 2016 Mk 3 ICON hybrid has 2 phone buttons on the wheel, one to answer and one to hang up.
  11. Certainly need foot on the brake with my 2016 Mk3 Hybrid.
  12. I have had a 2016 reg Yaris Hybrid for the last 3 years and do less than 5000 miles per year, mainly less than 10 mile journeys. I have had no problem with the 12 volt battery at all. I do keep a booster in the glove box as insurance but have never needed to use it. The boot is not very big, I think you might struggle with the push chair.
  13. On my Mk3 Yaris there is a cover missing on the underside of the drivers mirror, I think it was probably missing when I bought the car over 3 years ago but it hasn't caused any problems. I haven't been able to source a replacement but haven't looked too hard. I keep meaning to cover the hole with black electrical tape!
  14. Had my 2016 Yaris Hybrid serviced last year and dealer asked if I had noticed the air con wasn't very cold. They said the condenser was leaking and booked the car in for a replacement under warranty. Very happy that they picked up a fault that I didn't know about!
  15. I had this on my Yaris Hybrid, DAB was fine but nothing on FM. The problem was the amplifier in the base of the aerial. Dealer fixed it under warranty.
  16. Bonnet release is definitely just a cable. Pull the release until you hear a click then find the latch under the front edge of the bonnet. Not sure about the petrol filler but I always thought that was also a cable. The rear hatch is electric though. 12v battery is under the rear seat. The seat cushion can be released by pulling sharply upward. I believe it can be very difficult to release though and its easier to charge using the special terminal in the fuse box.
  17. If you cant open the door with the key fob, don't forget there is a conventional metal key hidden in the key fob that should open the drivers door enabling you to get to the bonnet release.
  18. Certainly should do better than that. My 2016 Yaris Icon Hybrid is returning 57 mpg on mainly short (2 to 10 mile trips). I don't bother with ECO mode these days, I find it doesn't really improve the MPG, just makes the car less responsive. I believe the Excel is slightly less economical than the Icon due to the different wheels and tyres but I wouldn't have expected it to be more than 1-2 MPG worse. Are the brakes binding perhaps?
  19. I guess it depends on what you are comparing it with. My previous car was an i20 and when I got my Yaris Hybrid I thought the turning circle was superb, much better then the i20, and visibility for parking excellent. I do agree about the headlights though! Non of the other points bother me in the slightest.
  20. Did you actually change the battery Mick?
  21. My key fob battery expired a couple of weeks ago. The warning I got was that I sometimes had to use the physical key to open the drivers door, but I didn't have any problem starting the hybrid system. The other clue I should have spotted was that the red light on the key fob didn't flash when I pressed the button, I only realised this when I replaced the battery and wondered what the red light was! Got a pack of 2 Duracell 2032s from Amazon for £1.96 including shipping, next day delivery.
  22. Front wiper £16.85 at my local main dealer. Fitted free in 30 seconds!.
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