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  1. hi , i changed my car's throttle body i bought used from ebay , now its working fine....but very poor mpg , i am getting 28 mpg in city and 38 on motorway
  2. Parvaiz i got same problem but mine is ok driving wise..I got it checked by toyota dealer , they said the alternator is not charging sufficiently , if i remember they said it should be over 14 v but my alternator is currently charging 13.6 v ..anyways i guess these are common problems with these rubbish toyota auris 1.3 cars! i had another problem with throttle body which i got it changed with used one so my car driving ok but showing same charging system warning message.. dealer said its warning message not a warning fault..
  3. Hi everyone, I got toyota auris 1.3 petrol 2009. My car has generated faulty error code P2112 ! Can anyone please tell me from his/her experience how much is it going to cost me , do i need to replace full throttle body or is there any other solution pls ? how did you sort it out If you had similar problem.. Look forward to hearing from you soon Thanks
  4. Hi Mooby, same problem happend with my car!!! can you please tell me how did you sort it out? i cant afford that much money, look forward to hearing from you soon.
  5. Well there is not written such type of words AGM or EFB battery , it just says 'heavy duty specially designed for stop/start cars' , I remember it was checked with meter showing correct required voltage current ! Luckily when i just went today to another workshop to get it diagnosed the car showed with P2112 code that denotes ' Throttle Actuator Control System Stuck Closed'! Now problem is technician could not figure it out that actually which part is not working becz there are so many causes like faulty throttle body, dirty plates, rust, insufficient electrical current etc etc..! Thats again big problem!!
  6. Hi mate, If it is problem with stop/start control unit (i assume as well) then why it can not be diagnosed and why its not showing error code? Toyota dealer checked my car fully, they did not find any sort of fault/error code!
  7. Thanks Futula you are great. Does it work on toyota auris 1.3 petrol and can it be paired with iphone pls?
  8. Oh I am sorry i put Honda dealer by mistake ! car was diagnosed by Toyota Dealer indeed! Anyways they could not diagnose anything! Today my car's engine stalls again in traffic light ! after couple of tries it stared but engine check light was on but later it disappears itself! I am really worried if toyota dealer cant find error code then who else can do! what else could be problem , is it start stop system control unit or something else? My car battery is heavy duty one and starter is charging properly then what else could be ?
  9. Thanks to all who replied ! I got it checked by Honda Dealer paid £108 for doing nothing! they have not found any single error code and saying nothing wrong with car !! I can still see clearly warning message of 'charging system' with buzzer sound on dashboard when i switch on ! has anyone got similar kind of problem?
  10. thanks. Hi Bob, what does AGM OR EFB means , well i have not noticed yet! i left my car at toyota dealer to get it checked , i will let you know whatever result comes.
  11. Even after Warning message of Charging system stop /start was working nicely, and batter voltage were sufficient when i got it checked , it just stopped working today after warning message of Check engine but that message is not showing at the moment.. Do I need to go dealer or local garage can sort it out and much it may cost? becz yesterday then could not find any error code!!
  12. Hi thanks I bought privately , and got it checked by local garage he checked battery and everything, it was showing normal! Suddenly it showed engine check light and disappeared later , after that Auto stop on off has stopped working!
  13. Hi every body, I am new on this forum! i have toyota auris 1.3 petrol Reg 59 just bought two days ago , my car is displaying warning message 'Charging System' with triangle buzzer sound on dashboard when I switch on! but disappears when engine is started, i went to local garage to get it checked , unfortunately they could not find any error code or problem!!! Today morning when i was stuck in traffic (auto stop mode was on) suddenly engine did not turn on !!! i waited 30 seconds then i turned on engine which started but with 'engine check' light on which remained for half an hour until i switched off and on four times then it disappeared ! but Charging system warning light is still on at the time of switch on and disappears after engine starts! So my query is : is it normal with every car with warning message of 'CHARGING SYSTEM' on? or it could else be bigger problem? do i need to visit toyota dear to find out the code? has anyone been with similar situation and what he did ? Is there anyone respected member who can reply i am so worried!! Your reply will highly be appreciated! Mash