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  1. I've just investigated this. There was a thread some time back that involved picking up existing wiring. But I have gone for a more simple solution - battery operated lights. Have bought a set of 3 lights from B&Q for £8. They are each powered by 3 AAA batteries (provided). and are turned on or off by pushing the middle. They come with a stick on base plate, so you can remove the light when time to replace batteries. I have fitted 2, one either side. Note that it is better to take the light off the bracket, and push stick the bracket so you get better adhesion. This works for us - we just want a bit of light when unloading a supermarket trolley in the dark.
  2. Craggle was right. Talking to the Toyota Service Manager he confirmed that the clutch pedal needs to be right down to the floor - I.e. more than required to change gear. Apparently it can be adjusted, but now I know I just always floor the pedal completely - every time. So problem resolved.
  3. Good thought, but no, we keep our car keys separate.
  4. Hi, my recently purchased 2012 1.0 VVT displays a starting quirk. From time to time, when turning the (remote) key to turn to start, nothing happens (i.e starter motor doesn't turn at all) but lights stay on. If I put my foot fully on the brake and the clutch, then it does start fine - car battery feels good, as turns over nicely. Although once it didn't, but putting on the seat belt, then it was OK. (Which might have been a random thing, and it was just the extra delay) Then it starts fine for a while. I haven't got a consistent pattern for this yet. My wife has never experienced this using her (remote) key. The manual states that the starting procedure is: in neutral, foot on both clutch and brake. My wife just has her foot on clutch, and it starts first time every time. I'm wondering whether the battery in my fob needs changing? Is that a characteristic? Or is it a foible of the car that periodically you need to put feet on both pedals? Any experiences?
  5. Thanks for all the responses. My conclusion is that there are no radio codes for the iQ! As the radio is "embedded" within the car, rather than installed in a standard size slot, I guess the concern about thieves stealing it is no longer valid. So the designers sensibly decided that having a radio code was pointless. I note that my wife's Audi Q3 doesn't have a code either. Same rationale applies, plus I understand that the car's electrical system can identify the radio's and car's ids, so will spot if there is an unexpected mismatch. My elderly Boxster's radio unit is within a standard slot, and I have a 4 digit code - which I have needed to input several times in my 19 years of ownership.
  6. Hi, having admired the iQ for years have just bought a white 2012 1.0 VVT from a Toyota main dealer. I cannot find the Radio Code anywhere in the Service & Warranty book or handbook. Should it be there? Or should I go to the service department and ask for it? Thanks.