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  1. A diesel-engined vehicle is completely unsuitable for city driving at 20mph, as the OP described his most-frequent journey. One under-reported feature of the hybrid engine is the lack of filth being pumped out of the exhaust pipe when sat in stationary or slow-moving traffic.
  2. I have to say that I hate the menus of the sat nav, the volume controls are more difficult than they need to be. It seems that: if I am adjusting the volume of music (e.g. pressing the + button on the steering wheel), and then the navigation system starts to speak, the volume of the navigation is adjusted, not the music. Given the lag/delay between the unit receiving a command (e.g. "Turn volume down") and it responding, this gets frustrating, especially when driving, and even more so when relying on the navigation. There shouldn't be any doubt in the user whether pressing the + button is turning the radio up, or the volume of the navigation. So I have experiences when the navigation suddenly shouts at me (because I was previously trying to turn the volume of the radio up), and when the navigation is inaudibly quiet (because I was previously trying to turn the volume of the radio down). As I remember it, the button/icon of a speaker with a red line through it indicates that the navigation sound is muted. Pressing it should un-mute it, and return the volume to its previous level. I don't know what happens if you try to un-mute the navigation and when the volume's previous level is set to zero, I'd think that you need to turn the volume up somehow. (Note to Toyota's software designers: this ought to be as easy as: Menu > Settings > Sat Nav > Volume ) And also as I remember it, the volume wasn't a simple scale 1-5, the navigation volume is relative to music; there's no point whispering to turn left in 100 yards if you're playing Motorhead, nor does it need to shout if you've got Radio 3 quietly on in the background. @Anne Glew It would be worth finding some time to carefully go through the various menus in the unit to try to see what the navigation's volume level is set to, and to find a level that's higher than zero. As Mike @FROSTYBALLS says, some other details would be helpful - such as: does the radio still work, and can you adjust the volume? Can you use your phone with the bluetooth pairing through the car? Can you adjust the volume of a phone call using the +/- buttons? Let us know how you get on, if you're still stuck I'll see if I can take some photos of the settings that need checking.
  3. Good news. It'll be interesting to see how many of the cat converters have markings (etchings or smart water) that enable them to be identified and traced back to the vehicles that they were taken from. I also imagine that the penalties for handling waste without the appropriate environmental permit (which is what they're charged with) aren't particularly strong, so let's hope that those guilty of the thefts and damage are found, charged, penalised and publicised to deter others.
  4. A couple of posts in these threads might help you. (Particularly if your car has reversing sensors.) As you suspect, the hybrid engines are not designed to tow trailers or caravans, and fitting a tow bar will ring alarm bells even though you just want to carry bikes.
  5. Let's be careful out there. Source: https://www.irishexaminer.com/news/munster/arid-40353401.html Thefts of catalytic converters in Cork 'back in a big way' Catalytic converters are exhaust emission control devices and they are valuable to criminals due to the “precious metals” inside them Car owners in Cork are being warned to be extra vigilant when parking their vehicles with the theft of catalytic converters on the rise. Sergeant John Kelly of Fermoy Garda Station said converter theft is a crime that “seems to be back, and back in a big way.” He warned people, particularly drivers of older models of Toyota Yaris’, to make sure their cars are parked safely. Catalytic converters are exhaust emission control devices and they are valuable to criminals due to the “precious metals” inside them. Sgt Kelly told C103's Cork Today Show that there was an attempt to steal a converter in Naad on July 27 and a blue Skoda had been seen acting suspiciously. He said that there were five other separate incidents in Youghal, Milford, Churchtown near Mallow, Effin south near Charleville and Ballyclogh which all occurred last month. “In all cases, it was an old model Toyota Yaris that was targeted," Sgt Kelly said. “When you consider that the replacement of a catalytic converter could be maybe €650 or €700, that could be more than the price of what the car is worth. "Particularly when you consider if your car is a 99 or a 00 or a 02. It seems to be the older model of Toyota Yaris” Sgt Kelly said that it is “quite likely” that the criminals have “a bit of homework” done in advance. He said that they may know the locations of the cars and “do two or three in the same general area”. Sgt Kelly urged people who have an older style Toyota Yaris to be vigilant. He advised people to reverse their cars into the driveway, right up to the door. “As well, if you have a couple of friends in the area, just tip them off that your car might be a target for those people.”
  6. A Prius taxi, driving from Liverpool to Leeds along the M62/M60, through Greater Manchester, would not be charged if it stuck to the motorway, as that is a Highways England road. If it left the motorway, and travelled on roads managed by the Borough Councils of Greater Manchester, it would incur a charge if the engine is Euro 5 3 or older as @FROSTYBALLS highlighted. The following vehicles would pay a proposed daily charge of £7.50 to travel in the Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone from 30 May 2022: Hackney carriages and PHVs which are not licensed with a Greater Manchester local authority with a Euro 5 or earlier diesel engine (typically registered before 2016). All hackney carriages and PHVs which are not licensed with a Greater Manchester local authority with a Euro 3 or earlier petrol engine (typically registered before 2005). Hackney carriages and PHVs which are licensed with a Greater Manchester local authority will receive a temporary exemption to 31 May 2023. The following vehicles would pay a proposed daily charge of £7.50 to travel in the Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone from 1 June 2023: All hackney carriages and PHVs with a Euro 5 or earlier diesel engine (typically registered before 2016) All hackney carriages and PHVs with a Euro 3 or earlier petrol engine (typically registered before 2005) Unpaid charges would result in liability to pay a Penalty Charge Notice of £120 in addition to the unpaid daily charge (reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days Source: https://cleanairgm.com/taxi-and-private-hire Your point about a privately-owned petrol XKR being totally exempt from charges is correct. This also applies to the diesel SUVs used on the school runs. There remain no consequences for drivers who leave their engines running in public places (including outside schools at drop-off and pick-up times). There are no consequences for bus and coach drivers who leave their engines running while waiting, nor workmen who leave their van engines running. Changing our behaviour is politically unpalatable, we don't vote for people who want to restrict our freedoms. The campaign by the Conservative challenger to Andy Burnham in the GM Mayoral election was centred on scrapping this Clean Air proposal, framing it as a "Congestion Tax". It was Clean Air Day on June 17th. The following morning, a parent waiting outside a school was asked to turn their engine off. The response: "Why? Clean Air Day was yesterday."
  7. Greater Manchester's clean air zone launches Monday 30 May 2022. This covers all of Greater Manchester, as can be seen from this map, but there are two notable exclusions:- roads managed by Highways England such as motorways and trunk roads (are not included in the zone) "...Vans, buses, coaches, taxis, private hire vehicles, minibuses and heavy goods vehicles that do not meet emission standards would pay a daily charge to travel in the Zone. Private cars, motorbikes and mopeds are not included..." Will be interesting to see how this "solves" the pollution problem. Source: https://cleanairgm.com/clean-air-plans
  8. As the old joke says... When the person who invented the USB drive dies... They’ll lower his coffin into the grave, realize they put it in the wrong way and have to do it again.
  9. ...and just to be clear on what you mean by "does not register": Take a USB stick, connect to a computer, transfer a series of audio files (e.g. MP3) to the stick Connect the USB stick to the slot in the car, turn on stereo Set stereo input mode to USB (not FM/DAB/CD etc.) After a minute (the stereo needs to read the list of file names), the files can be played through the stereo It should work like this https://blog.toyota.co.uk/toyota-touch-go-how-to-play-music-via-bluetooth-or-a-usb-device what are you experiencing? What sort of files (e.g. .mp3, .wav) are you using?
  10. Information on the Power Heat feature here: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1317691/Toyota-Auris-Hv.html?page=414 A list of reported problems with this model (diesel, petrol and hybrid) can be found here: https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar/toyota/auris-2007/good Perhaps the best advice would be to enjoy your car, service it regularly, and if you're unlucky enough to encounter problems, then to deal with them if they arise. I'm not aware of any particular tasks that would need to be done as preventative maintenance beyond regular servicing.
  11. Any tips that you could share? Did you need to use solvent, or just a hair dryer and dental floss? I'm thinking of removing the badges on my car, partly for the security of the catalytic converter, and partly to de-bling it!
  12. There's a significant message missing here, as Phil has found out to his cost:- "We're aware that the Auris and Prius models are being targeted by thieving scrotes, and your vehicle is vulnerable. If your vehicle has its catalytic converter stolen, you won't be able to drive it for a number of weeks, and someone (possibly your insurer, possibly you) will have to pay a four-figure sum for a replacement. Whilst this isn't our fault, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of theft. Please contact us to discuss options, because we would prefer that you didn't become another victim. We have asked all our service personnel to mention this to owners when Auris and Prius cars visit Toyota dealers for servicing and recalls. We have also asked all our sales personnel to mention this to potential owners of used Auris and Prius models so that they can make an informed decision when selecting their next vehicle." Toyota *could* have contacted their existing customers and notified them of this; Phil didn't know that there were options until after he and his wife were inconvenienced. I only knew about CatLocks and tilt alarms from this Forum, and my car had a full service (££££) a week before I received the DVSA recall letter. My dealer was more intent on up-selling me items such as the fuel additive and de-fluffing the air filter on the hybrid battery. Your point that neither a tilt alarm nor the Catloc would *guarantee* that the catalytic converter would not be stolen by a determined thief is fair; but becoming a victim of crime and then being told that you could have done something about it leaves a bad taste in the mouth and wallet. What do you recommend to reduce the risk?
  13. Phil, happy to send sympathy to you and your wife. Given Toyota's excellent reputation for their behaviour when it comes to recalls, I do question why they haven't been more proactive in addressing the issue of catalytic converter thefts. They want happy customers, and they want your next cars to be Toyotas, so why not offer some help? I'm wondering what to do with our Aurises, whether to buy the tilt alarm, and/or buy Catlocs, and/or de-badge the cars to make them look like regular petrol editions.
  14. A roof box usually fits to roof bars. And the bars clamp to the rails that are on the car. Choice of bars here: More options:- https://www.roofbox.co.uk/scripts/rbvehsel2a.php?emulate=whycar&query=8096 Some photos of Toyota's official options on P20 of this PDF:- http://www.toyotaadria.com/ba/pdf/katalozi_dodatna/dodatna_aurists.pdf HTH
  15. I sold these earlier in the year. The part number might help you find what you're looking for. Halfords and Thule have equivalent parts. As Lee says above, the tourer/estate has fittings already in the roof, whereas the saloon needs different "feet". The manual can be seen here https://www.toyota-tech.eu/aimuploads/{AE994A58-4A9E-6B70-6C17-4064D1E94A9E}/Avensis_WGN_Roof_Rack_PZ403_T6611_GA_AIM_001_166_2.pdf HTH
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