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  1. Indeed. I've just had to change a battery in an Auris key fob, and as others have posted, a CR2032 is what's needed. And again, as others have posted, these batteries are much cheaper on eBay than in supermarkets. Replacement is a simple job, once you know how... "How to change the CR2032 battery in an Auris key fob:-" Hope that helps someone
  2. For Sale: Genuine Toyota Avensis Tourer lockable aero roof bars PZ403-T6611-GA A reluctant change in car means I'm losing my 2013 Avensis Tourer. I have some genuine Toyota lockable aero roof bars which I'd like to see go to a good home. They're in good condition, with a few light cosmetic marks that don't affect the performance. Toyota part number PZ403-T6611-GA The Toyota website says that these are suitable for all Avensis Tourers from 2009-2018 (model T270). As the manual here <link> shows, these roof bars mount in to the car's roof using strong allen bolts. The covers then lock with a key to ensure security. The bars are strong, and a great way of carrying a roofbox, cycle carriers or other items. Picture 1 shows that these bars come with a "T track" which allow "T bolts" to be fitted, which some roofboxes can use as secure fixing points. The rubber strip and fins on the underside (see picture 2) minimise the wind resistance and noise when using the bars. I'm selling them complete: bars, all fixings, rubber feet, rubber strips, two Toyota keys. I'd like GBP75 for them. I'm based in south Manchester (UK) and could deliver locally or post at cost. I thought I'd offer them to members here first - I'll list them elsewhere if they're still here at the end of January. Drive safe. Rob
  3. Richard Congratulations on the new car. Yes, the higher-spec Avensis models come with cruise control. It was an option on the T3-X and T4 models, standard on T-Spirit. Hope that this PDF helps. This thread shows you how to retro-fit Cruise Control on to your car. avensis.pdf