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  1. Hi there. I've not been on here in a couple of years soooo, To be honest I don't have a clue here. I'm have a Auris 1.8 design hybrid. I'm in France, been using E10 fuel since 2018 and no problem so far. I get on a good run (for me) 770 KLM a tank and I do fill it to the very top. Now if I was to use the more expensive E5 fuel would I get an improvement in mileage? If it's a yes what could I expect? Thanks for your advice.
  2. Ok so auto leveling is a must but headlight washers i don't think it would matter here in the south east of France too much. As all of toyota worldwide, they all seem surprised when its mentioned that the headlights are a bit crappy. Sent from my LG-H818 using Tapatalk
  3. As this thread is about front headlights, i have a 2018 auris design hybrid, is it possible to change the headlamp unit to the LED headlight unit, would this be possible without a change in wiring? Apparently Toyota france say its not possible. Sent from my LG-H818 using Tapatalk
  4. I too have poor headlights, well more for the side of the car when cornering countryside roads. Now i reside in France, i have a auris design 2018 model hybrid. I had to take the car to the garage for a totally different matter and I asked about the poor headlights, the reception man accepted that there is a problem and couldn't offer a great solution. They don't know about the optibright or whatever they are called replacement bulbs so couldn't offer to replace the existing ones with them, they did have the mechanic check the wiring to see if its possible to have the fog lights turn on when i turn but he said they don't have the needed wiring so another option out of the window, i did ask if they would change the main headlamp unit for the one that is fitted for LED lamps but as thats a big cost to them that was also out. All they could do and they did, was to move the sideways direction of the main units outward but just for low beam, so i could have a very slightly better light on the side but its still to be tested by me. Yes i think toyota needs a kick somewhere. L Sent from my LG-H818 using Tapatalk
  5. Thanks for the heads up on this, I added all my tracks to 4 folders, tried it and it does`nt show the folders but it does show all the tracks, so thanks for the help 🙂 Now the Mrs is happy.
  6. Yeah sorry, auris design hybrid 2018 model. Sent from my LG-H818 using Tapatalk
  7. Hi, No, I have not as yet, does this work?
  8. Hi all, new here so sorry if this has been mentioned before. I have a Auris 2018 Design Hybrid. I stuffed loads of tracks onto a usb stick, more than 1200 and it showed 600 plus tracks, then I decided to convert them all into MP3, now with 1228 tracks my USB stick shows only 499 tracks, is this the max capacity ? I did read somewhere that someone has over 700 showing. Anyone got any ideas, ideally I would like all music on one USB stick The USB stick I have in use atm is a Kingston 2.0 32 GB Thanks
  9. Hi all, I`m a UK man now based in the South of France, Picking up my Auris this weekend. Looking forward to see what the Hybrid can do for me.
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