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  1. Drop a bottle of WORTH DPF CLEAN in the tank costs 10gbp worth every penny
  2. Changed mine to led.. only thing is to get the ones with the control unit as a seperaate unit H 11 made my life so much easier. .see where I am going now
  3. my reading of the regs apply that only to manufacturers and OEM retailers..I am not a lawyer.. but my wife is.. so I will take advice.. strange that I can find no evidence of prosecutions.. there is a regulation for wire and gas discharge bulbs..there is no mention of led.. presumably because there were none ..there have been prosecutions for dazzling oncoming vehicles.. but not for some years time..seems the CPS have no interest.. Defence would rely on the use of the word equivalent..which is allowed.. so as long as it maintains the correct beam pattern and is a acceptable colour not blue red green etc then it should pass. the regs state the wattage limit but LED is about light not candle power..I don't think the MOT station that fails the car on having bulbs that are bright white is going to do well in court... considering Merc Audi VW etc have them.. but I will go and talk to Simon my local mot guru.. and see what he can add..
  4. so is it a requirement to use only E marked bulbs..?
  5. looked at the regulations regarding dipped beam lights.. strange thing is .. there is no standard except upper limit of wattage.. however will tiptoe about until I am sure what the situation is..Halogen is so outdated..and the colour is not good..the range is pathetic..i just need to see further when driving at night..
  6. this is how I would like to be driving at night.. seeing what I am about to hit..
  7. not aware that there is a place called Nuneaton in Malasia..just the one in War.. Have written to seller asking if they will pass new MOT.. will post the reply..before I buy them.. in the meantime this might be of use..
  8. B9030 will not fit that console.. I bought one and it is still on the shelf instead of the not buy one .. Approx £2k from Toyota with touch and go sat nav and all the toys..the dash changed in 2011-12 .. and there are no retro fit facia replacements..mine is for sale fits a 2012-15 if anyone is 17 October 2017..
  9. I am tempted to buy these after a lot of research..
  10. you could have used the Toyota OBD software to modify your settings.. might have been a little more subtel..but it is nice you get to I..D the pins on the dash..
  11. 59.3..torquay to ealing and back..380 miles .. tank empty yellow flashing light.. i expected more.. but will analyse the situation and see what i discover..
  12. wurth do a dpf cleaner.. the only one that I know works I bottle full tank will have it breathing again.. try it about £10 from halfords....available on line as well.. used by London cabbies to keep their dpf clean..