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  1. The problem is only going into 2nd gear. Everything else is fine. Could that still be the clutch cable?
  2. No it didn't fix the problem but made the other gear changes a bit smoother. I have learnt to live with it and will get it checked properly next month when I get my service/MOT
  3. Hi folks OK so I have a rusty bottom....(of my Aygo). The worst is around the sub frame and wheel arches. Please share any tips, hints and experiences of treating and /or preventing rust? Converter vs remover? Paint vs spray? Grease vs Waxoyl? or anything else you think might be relevant? Product recommendations (or warnings) welcome Thanks in advance......
  4. My manual says Toyota Genuine 75w-90 so thats what I got. If it doesn't work I'll have a go at the clutch cable I'm still waiting for the washers to come although I have been under the car now and opened the top refill bolt and found a regular aluminium washer fitted so it would seem somebody has had a go at it in the past. I stuck my finger in and I'm not sure whether I felt oil in the sump or just around the edge of the hole (the car was jacked up at the front so the fluid would be lower in the box) and the oil was pale yellow so probably needs changed anyway. I couldn't help noticing how rusty the sub frame was and around the wheel arches so rust converter and waxoyl have been ordered so I might just wait til I get all the bits and bobs together and have a right good go at this. I wonder what is going to be next....... but the good thing is I'm learning new stuff all the time
  5. Are engine oil sump washers the same size as transmission oil sump washers ? I'm a bit confused at the moment.......
  6. Washers....... what size do I need?
  7. Thanks for the info Bob I have found Toyotas recommended oil on eBay ( BRAND NEW GENUINE Toyota Gear Oil 1 Litre LV75 75w90 for £12.50 a litre. I need 1.7 litres) and it should arrive tomorrow or Thursday. As long as I can undo the refill and drain bolts then I should have a better idea by the weekend. As a guide I checked online and a pre used gearbox on eBay seems to be around £200. Add on labour...... I have a good garage to go to so I'm confident of not getting ripped off if it comes to that. The car has done 63000 miles and had 6 previous registered keepers so who knows whats been going on. Lets hope the oil change makes a difference.......
  8. Brilliant Furtula thanks. I now have a plan of attack.... Will change the oil first. The you tube link above is a big help If theres little or no change then take it in to the garage Will update this when I get it all done and let you know how I got on.....
  9. From a stand still I can engage first fairly easily but its not smooth ( a couple of wiggles and it goes). From first to second is more difficult and sometimes requires more force and then it clunks into place. Second to third is similar but not so bad. Above this its fine. Coming down is pretty similar and its difficult to go into first if the car is still moving ( not that I need to do that often). In and out of second is worst. I bought the car in May and it was fine but the past couple of weeks this has all developed
  10. Thanks for that Bob. Looks pretty straight forward to change the oil but I'm not sure that's the problem. Do you think its worth trying first before taking it in to the garage?
  11. Hi I recently bought an 2005 Aygo and the gears have become clunky. I want to check the transmission fluid level before taking it to a garage but can't find the dipstick/ top up cap. Any idea where it is or how to do this please?