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  1. £32 a wheel? Geez. I can get them on ebay for a lot less and the same quality it seems. Annoying as hell as it is a 15 plate. Might take one off and have a look and see how far the issue is (could be purely cosmetic). Cheers for your help 🙂
  2. Hi, This is a dullard question but only as I am not near my car at the mo. The wheel nuts seem to be quite rusty, the things that I can see on the outside of my wheels. Holding the alloys in. I want to get replacements or covers, am not sure. Anyone notice the state of their wheel nuts though? Any help appreciated. Can anyone point me to a set for all 4 wheels? Cheers, Whippy
  3. Oh heck. Now I feel dull 😄 Yeah, you basically translated what I struggled to say. I thought they were not working as the early mornings start to creep. When I am turning them on in the day time (just to check lights over as everyone does urm now and again) I noticed they come on but very faint. Which as you say is what they should be doing which to me made me think I was having problems (as in being a dullard for not thinking LED uses less power etc.) Cheers for the speedy come back on it all. It is due for a MOT and Service so was giving it a once over before. Dave
  4. Hello, I wonder if you can help me. I have a 2015 plate Aygo with the new LED lights. However the side lights have both stopped working, they are very faint. I noticed and popped it into Halfords for a quick (can you replace the bulbs I dont want oil all over me) change and they don't do these. Now on a closer inspection I can't work out what I need to do to replace or test these, the immediate response was take it to the dealer. Any help with this is appreciated as to why the side lights come on but faint. Dave