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  1. Hi Folks Many thanks for all your comments and advice. Yes you were quite correct the washer jets are relatively easy to get of. I used a flat blade screwdriver and prised it off. I was unable to clear the washer so bought a new one from my local Toyota dealer, Jemca. It was a bit expensive considering it is a small piece of plastic. It cost me £15.92 but I guess it was not too far off the mark if I had bought it off the Internet when postage and packaging is added. For information the part number is 85381-20280 Out of interest the guy at Jemca advised that in 90% of case where one washer jet is working then the culprit is usually the valve that feeds both jets.
  2. Hi Hope you can help. I have an Avensis Excel 2013 and the drivers side washer jet is only ejecting water to the left. I would like to change the washer jet but am unsure how to remove it. Any advise on how the washer jet can be removed would be appreciated. Also any idea where I might purchase the part at a reasonable price? Kind regards, Phil