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  1. Thanks Heidfirst for the info, really useful 🙂
  2. I think I am going to rule out the Lexus because we have 2 kids in child seats and I have just read there is not much space in the back! I assume space in the rear of the Avensis is better?
  3. Thanks for all the information folks, that is really useful, great to hear about your cars and that you are happy with them.
  4. Hi I am looking to replace my woefully unreliable Saab with a Toyota Avensis or Lexus IS 250. I think I'll most likely go for the Avensis, my dad had a Carina II then an original Avensis both were so well made and reliable, I hope that is still the case. I'm looking at around 59 - 61 registered cars with automatic box, 1.8 petrol engine, around 30-50k miles. Are there any particular things to check on these cars, or is it general things to check? Can you get parts cheaper than from Toyota dealers themselves? Is there somewhere online I can see what servicing needs doing at what age/mileage? Thanks! Dave