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  1. I do have a dash cam but it is not connected to the battery it's just using the cigarette lighter port. It does have parrot installed (it was already there when I bought it). Don't know if this matter at all but thought I'd mention it. All I know is that the noise is coming from the radio area even when it's off.
  2. So I have noticed that while driving and went over little hole in the road surface this beeping came on again. Radio was off but it beeped anyway and it makes me thing wether its something to do with some electric connection in the car? Maybe its coming loose causing the warning sound. But it happens during ignition too though. Also may I add that there is no light accompanying the sound on the dashboard at least nothing that I have noticed. When it happens is inconsistent sometimes on a roundabout sometimes after driving through rough road patch and most often when i start my engine.
  3. Yes it does but it also very rarely happens while I'm driving too when the radio is already on. I don't know wether it's a fault or some soft of warning sound ....
  4. Hi Something odd started happening lately when there is a beeping noise coming from a radio (which stops music and when its done beeping it resumes the music automatically). Its doing it on ignition and sometimes during driving most of the time when I was at a roundabout but maybe its just coincidence. Its not happening every time i start the engine. Any idea why it might be happening? Messenger (1).mp4
  5. JohnnyMug

    Dash lights go off when I switch head lights on.

    Thank you so much this helped I tried twisting the knob .... thought it was electrical problem. I only had my corolla 2 days still learning. Anyway case is closed thanks again!!!
  6. Hi I have a problem with toyota corolla 2006 1.6 56 reg. When I switch the engine on dash lights are on like normal. But when I switch parking lights or headlights on its goes off cant even see the odometer. The MPG values seem to jump radically up and down too (not like they do usually just big ammounts at the time which seems odd). Anyone now why is this happening?