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  1. ProfGlenn

    Auris exhaust

    Yeah always Tesco! Not the momentum just the normal.... thanks. Glenn
  2. ProfGlenn

    Auris exhaust

    Thanks. I am still getting the occasional rotten egg smell. Once after high revs. Is it dangerous? The car is due MOT and service on 22 December. So they will check the emissions then? But is it dangerous to get rotten eggs from time to time? thanks Glenn
  3. ProfGlenn

    Auris exhaust

    Thanks. Took it back to the garage. They are asking the insurer to pay for a whole new fitting!
  4. ProfGlenn

    Auris exhaust

    Hi again. i've noticed a rattle since the bumper replacement and rear end repair. It's the passenger side light fitting cover!! How do I get it to stop rattling?!
  5. ProfGlenn

    Auris exhaust

    Hi Gerg. I did some reading before about plugs etc and everything you say does sound completely plausible!! You know your stuff! Thanks a lot. This is honestly really helpful and reassuring! Best Glenn
  6. ProfGlenn

    Auris exhaust

    Thanks. Ok found a hybrid garage that says they can weld it (if it comes to that) but it won't be guaranteed. Still worried though that there is something fundamentally wrong because if the one-off chugging and smell (which, I should have said), after switching the engine off when I drove back to the garage, never occurred again! So when I told the garage "what have you done to my car - it isn't drivable", the bodyshop manager came out with me int he car and it was all fine!!
  7. ProfGlenn

    Auris exhaust

    Thanks Gerg. I was intending to keep the car for as long as I can. I paid for extended warranty for two years through to Jan 2020. Just as well. The horn is not working intermittently and has been in twice to be told it's I am getting a new horn. I think I have to hope that the chugging/revving/smell after the repair was a temporary blip and that the exhaust will now be fine....Toyota say they aren't allowed to weld to support it - it is a whole new exhaust or nothing! If I am to pay £1800 then it would probably be time to change the car, which would be a pain as it has had a new rear twice and a new side and front! Thanks for all your help. Glenn
  8. ProfGlenn

    Auris exhaust

    Thanks Gerg! Really really helpful! The engine revving and chugging has never happened after any other body repairs. It was like how a car would behave when you pull the choke out, 30 years ago. Really odd. But the rotten egg smell to me said catalytic converter. But Toyota say they can see nothing. The rotten eggs haven't reappeared in the last two weeks either, and I would have expected them to if there was a problem in the exhaust system. Or could it just appear every few hundred miles or something?
  9. ProfGlenn

    Auris exhaust

    Thanks very much Gerg and furtula. I did drive it straight back to the garage. The manager even drove it home and brought it in next day. Bodyshop had another look and the service top technician looked and couldn't see anything amiss. I agree though....if the exhaust has a support missing then maybe somehow the impact has made it clog and it has now managed to unclog itself. I cannot understand why a new exhaust would be £1800! The crunching has been for ages and may be the suspension but Toyota say it isn't. However the chugging and revving after the repair was a one-off and was new. it has not happened again. So unfortunately they Toyota guys cannot diagnose something that now is not there and it seems overkill to replace the exhaust! It's also worth mentioning that the rear impact was on the left away from the exhaust. Bodyshop say they didn't have to touch the exhaust.
  10. ProfGlenn

    Auris exhaust

    Hi. I have had my 2010 Auris nearly 4 years. The middle bracket for the exhaust has been missing for well over year and the car has been fine. Someone crashed into my rear a month or so ago and after a new bumper etc, when I drove the car away it started chugging and struggling and stank of rotten eggs. I took it back to the Toyota garage and they could find nothing wrong and it hasn't happened since (two weeks ago). Also over the past year the car gets noisier and noisier going over speed bumps - like a crunching or grating sound. Could the missing bracket be the source of both problems? A new exhaust is £1800 and I am not paying that! Thanks very much if you can offer any advice. Best, Glenn
  11. ProfGlenn


    Hi - I'm Glenn and have a 2010 Auris Hybrid and have had it nearly 4 years. My first Hybrid and will always buy Toyota Hybrid from now on. Hoping to get some good advice on here.