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  1. Oh I see- thanks. yes if that was the only option it would be an insurance job. G
  2. Thanks - yeah Toyota mentioned this too. And it is fully comp - but the excess would be more than a second hand overflow pipe. Thanks G
  3. Exactly! And it will almost certainly happen again with a new pipe!
  4. Thanks Gerg, I guess main question is, if it is airtight and the pipe is only really in action at full brim, will the AA patch be safe enough? if it was safe enough for a few days, and it continues to hold, then it should be fine - yes?
  5. I left it with Toyota. They said that pipe comes with the fuel tank. £650. I said no way. So they asked for a pipe to be made by a supplier down the road - narrower at one end. £65 was the quote. Then told it was impossible. So then I asked for a rubber "fuel" pipe to be inserted inside the existing pipe instead as I could not be sure the AA patch inside was a "fuel" pipe. Left the car all day. Nope. Couldn't be done. So Toyota stuck the AA patch back in again! So in the end one of the service managers told me that if it was his car, he'd leave it with the AA patch as it seemed air tight. Don't know if it is a "fuel" rubber pipe suitable for that pipe though. I'd say a design flaw if you have to get a new fuel tank every time a squirrel eats your overflow pipe!! So I have left it with the AA's army fix. A total palaver. Glenn
  6. Thanks very much indeed Gerg. I spoke to Toyota on the phone. They don't know the part from the photo! So it's booked in all day Tuesday for what should be a ten minute job! Thanks a lot as always for your help!
  7. Just had AA out- return pipe had a massive hole in it. The technician patched it using a smaller pipe inside the existing pipe - is this dangerous?
  8. Thanks - says I have no outstanding recalls. I had the recent hybrid one. When I click on your link, a fuel pump one isn't on the list for any model? But if it was that, it would explain my petrol smells, the vibration, the chugging .....hmmm. But Toyota want £135 per hour to diagnose a fault! I'm most concerned about the fuel smell.
  9. Hi. I have been getting intermittent petrol smells in my 1.8 hybrid. Often when the heater is on auto and the engine warms up and it comes on full blast - then disappears. HOWEVER, last night I put petrol in the car and it has been smelling badly. I cannot see a leak. Now it is really smelling of petrol today 24 hours later around the wheel arch where the petrol cap is - but no sign of a leak. Any ideas please? Thanks. It's pretty bad. No puddles, no wet patches, just a strong smell of petrol. I didn't spill any at the petrol station last night.
  10. Thanks- excellent suggestion. I had that before. So it's not that. Already adjusted the rubber bungs - but thanks!
  11. Thanks very much. It's not as bad as that.
  12. Hi - i have been asking for a while about chugging and the car had a hybrid recall and a full health check last Friday. Today, every time (three times) when I switch the ignition on, and the engine comes on, there is a rattle - front driver's side, sounds like around the wheel, but the car is stationary. Sounds like something caught in a fan- or a fan not working properly. That sort of noise. Opened the bonnet and can't hear it from there or see anything. Took the car for a drive at lunchtime and once the car was driving, I no longer could hear the initial rattle. Very strange. Any ideas please? Thanks.
  13. Hi - that was a different chugging. That was more like the car was trying to throw up. This time it's a gentle chugg pulling away from stationary.
  14. Thanks. Only done. 63000.
  15. Hi - I have a 1.8 Auris Hybrid. Tonight as I pulled away from the traffic lights there was one big chugg. Then fine. Happened three times in a row at three sets of lights. The car was not cold. Then a faint smell of fuel. Then all seemed fine. Any ideas? Thanks, Glenn