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  1. I had thought that with the petrol smells circulating before the breather pipe was replaced, the pollen filter may have trapped smells and occasionally a blast might come through.....?
  2. Thanks. You might be right. I could try and get Toyota to do it for free when the MOT is being done in three weeks. Well I have just been out in the car and there is now a burning smell. But I don't know if that's normal with a new pollen filter.
  3. Hmm. Thanks. But I'd like to see if the pollen filter was the problem first - an aircon bomb will mask any unfound petrol problems ?
  4. I took the car to an independent garage who inspected it for an hour and charged £60 for that - they said that could see no problem pipes. They said the pollen filter stank of petrol and charged an additional £54 to replace it. They also asked me to pay for an aircon bomb but I refused as Toyota put one in December 2018. So today cost me £114 to change a pollen filter all because Toyota didn't check it properly in the service last month and because they wanted £136 per hour to even have a look at the problem. So I've made a complaint to Toyota Customer Relations.
  5. Anyone got any idea what to do about the brief petrol smells that last 5-10 seconds? Doesn’t happen on every journey.
  6. I guess the extended warranty will only cover what it will cover - so not sure what the fuss is about failing the MOT....that doesn’t seem like a great selling point to me....surely most things that cause the car to fail an MOT are not covered by the warranty. So not much point in having the warranty to get through an MOT most of the time.
  7. what would the MOT failure warranty cover? Would it cover ANYTHING (not normally covered by the extended warranty) that has caused the car to fail??
  8. Thanks. i get AA cover with the bank anyway. It's a tough one.
  9. Hi - I have a ten year old 1.8 Hybrid. About a year ago it started developing petrol smells. Turned out to be squirrels eating the breather pipe. Toyota wanted £600 for a new petrol tank. I refused. So I bought a second hand pipe and Toyota replaced it. The squirrels ate the next section pipe along instead. So Toyota realised that a new tank was not the answer and made some suitable pipe that fitted from a scrap exhaust. It was then fine. This was done back in the summer. Recently I have been getting petrol smells - but these are different. Previously I had got the (more persistent) smells outside (as well as inside) around the wheel arch. This time, what happens is, with the heater on and the recirculation off, after about 10/15 mins driving I get a short burst of strong petrol smell and then it just disappears. Notihing outside under the wheel arch or under the bonnet and nothing was picked up in the service last month. Any ideas? Toyota want £136 per hour to try to find a fault which may not exist....I'd appreciate any advice please. Also, while I am here, my extended warranty expires in 3 weeks. The car is 10 years old. Is it worth taking out another extended warranty? In the last 2 years I have only had a new horn covered by the warranty (it would have been about £300 without the warranty. I am not convinced it is worth it. Best Glenn
  10. ProfGlenn

    lights out

    Hmm. Thanks! It was the fact that both of us thought the same and I'd be worried if it happened on the motorway! Thanks Glenn
  11. ProfGlenn

    lights out

    Hi. I have a 2010 Auris 1.8 Hybrid. Last night i was driving over a very bumpy uneven road and i am 90% certain my headlights went out for a few minutes until I got to a flat carpark and they then came back on. Is this possible?! Pretty worrying if it is. i have never had this experience in any car ever before. I had a passenger who is also convinced this is what happened (as opposed to a street light going off for example). Thanks Glenn
  12. Yep AA here and it is the battery - apparently they are about £300!!
  13. Thanks - as I thought. Are these expensive? My guess is not covered by extended warranty?
  14. Hi - first time this has ever happened. I have the Auris 1.8 Hybrid and when I depress the pedal there is lots of clicking and all the warning lights and the window wipers are really slow. Can anyone help please? Thanks Glenn
  15. ProfGlenn

    New rattle

    Thanks a lot yes makes sense- these are new to me. But I am fairly convinced at least one of my wheels is not revolving correctly. Definitely not such a good free wheel motion and a faint whirring noise ....I can’t imagine the make of tyre makes much difference to the noise quality. G