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  1. Thought i had the solution but: (24PIN) (16PIN) Nothing in the middle 😞 And found But with this one i will loose the other steering wheel controls (and ground)
  2. Hi, I own a 2010 Avensis. It came with a B9012 and rear view camera. I recently replaced the unit with aftermarket Android 8 (PX5 Chipset) head unit. Everything worked instantly but... i like to use the camera already in the car. Problem: i can't find the wires. I guess they should be in the 20 pin connector at position 1, 2, 11 and 12: Unfortunately, i can't get it to work. When i put the car in reverse the new head unit switches to video input but no video signal 😞 Questions: Does someone have the pinout for the 20 pin connector used with the B9012? The Toyota camera, is this a 6V or 12V camera? Something i'm missing?
  3. Hi there! I'm from Holland, own a Avensis T270 and like to tune the car a bit :) Found this forum to be full with usefull information! Gr, Erwin