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  1. We've got 2013 1.3L and an old 2002 1.0L

    The two compared for fuel 1.3L ave 43mpg and the 1L 45mpg not much in it?

    When it comes to power especially up the hills the 1.3L out classes the 1L you only need to my be change down once in the 1.3L and twice the in 1L

    Hope this helps

  2. Oil capacity States 3.1 litres then states oil filter 0.2l.   So if I'm replacing the oil filter as you should  do I add this value on making it 3.3 total  or is the 3.1 including this already
    06 yaris 1kr-fe 1.0
    I would put in just 3L check the dipstick 20mins later and top up if and as necessary

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  3. When in my trusty 2002 yaris spotify will start to play as soon as I go to drive off it stops playing, when I'm in my misses 2013 yaris not a problem it plays.

    Can anyone recommend what I can do to over come this? 

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