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  1. I’m just about to buy an Estima Hybrid 2012 myself. If you are talking about a small blue rocker switch to the right of and below the steering wheel, I think I recall the guy I’m buying from saying that is the switch they have used for the after-market rear fog light.
  2. Hi All - I’m about to buy an Estima Hybrid 2012 and would appreciate some advice on an alarm/immobilser. The information I have on factory fitted systems is a bit vague at the moment, so any additional info on that would be helpful. Ultimately, I’d like to have a Thatcham approved alarm system fitted, so if anyone has experience of after market Thatcham-approved systems that are suitable for Estima hybrids, I’d appreciate a pointer.
  3. Macavity

    Toho Motors

    I dropped into Goodmayes Motors yesterday. Plenty of stock (the second floor was a surprise); many Alphards but mostly older Estimas, so nothing of interest at the moment (the older Estimas don’t have the seat configuration I’m looking for). The interesting option was that it would be possible for us to spec out a vehicle and ask the Goodmayes agents in Japan to go out and look for a match.
  4. Macavity

    Toho Motors

    I don’t think SWMBO would let me get away with trying that. In her own words, she is “a very risk-averse chartered accountant” 🙂 .
  5. Macavity

    Toho Motors

    What dealer did you use, Neil?
  6. Macavity

    Toho Motors

    Thanks Tony. I have looked at the Goodmayes website and they’ve got some very low mileage Estimas on offer, but I’m really after something a bit more recent.
  7. Macavity

    Toho Motors

    I’m try to find a relatively recent model MPV import (post 2011 model - probably an Estima) and have seen a couple at a dealer in Romford (Toho Motors). The cars seem to be OK (if fairly pricey) but I was wondering if anyone in the club had experience with this dealer. I have found one problematic review on the old Estima forum, but that dates back to 2011.
  8. Interesting and perhaps a long-term Previa issue. I had a 1996/97 model that used to leak heavily from the front left corner of the factory-fitted sunroof. My wife got used to seating at an angle to avoid the drips 🙂 . I never did find a solution.
  9. Thanks Neil I just missed out on a superb petrol Estima a few days ago -2013; X spec; 40k miles; absolutely spotless inside and out. I’d had it checked mechanically, but another guy arrived at the dealer with a bagful of cash (literally) and bought it before I could get back with a deposit.
  10. I’ve been looking around for a replacement for my old Previa and have (more or less) settled on an Estima. Reading various reviews, the issue of maintenance/repair of the Estima hybrid system was flagged as potentially problematic. It was stated that UK Toyota dealers would be unlikely to assist on the basis that (i) the Estima hybrid uses different technology to that found in other Toyota hybrids in the UK and (ii) they are unlikely to have “specialist tools” required to locate/repair a problem. I’m no mechanic/engineer, so I wondered if any Estima owners could provide some opinion. Many thanks.