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  1. Hi Avais, I have noticed if you don't press the clutch all the way down then the error shows up. The clutches are very sensitive. Also took it to a garage to check the battery and the alternator and no issues found. Hope this helps.
  2. I bought it privately. I was wondering could it be the battery. As the car is 9 years old?. My guess is that the battery cells start to go weak after 5 years?
  3. Hi Frostyballs, Yes the triangle comes up and a beep sound but once the engine starts then the triangle disappears including. Add to that note once the car is running there are no other warning light showing. Regards, Parvez Omar
  4. Hi I'm new this forum so any advice given is highly appreciated. So basically I bought a 2009 Auris, 1.3L and the mileage is only 37000 and intermittently I receive a message on the instrument panel saying "charge system" before I tuning on the car sometimes the car won't start so I turn the key to back to off position and try to turn it on then it starts. I would appreciate if you all could point me in the right direction or what the fault is. Regards, Pav