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  1. The Royal Mail's insurance has scrapped the car. I didn't have legal cover so I assumed my insurance wouldn't handle this. I've signed the car over already. I am using HastingsDirect which didn't respond when I forwarded them the emails from the Royal Mail's Insurers. What have I done?!?!?! Have I consigned my gorgeous RAV to the scrapheap for no reason??
  2. Copart own the car. I really wish I could have had a proper mechanic look at it but no one would come to where it was parked in W1. I work 12 hour days and no one seemed interested, even if I'd paid them. It's only now I found out about Dekra which would have been a good idea.
  3. I think it has a broken drive shaft but don't know the rest. The insurers' valued it low, I think, for its condition. I was told it wouldn't be safe to fix, as the tyres might not ever be in alignment again. But insurers often don't want to be bothered with stuff like this. I can't go back and buy it from them now, I don't think, as it has been towed away? BBYIffIrS82CvPMhczBKkQ.MOV
  4. I really want this car back... could it end up as a CAT car?
  5. That's excellent advice, thank you! I will check all that and appreciate you taking the time. I need that input!
  6. The car I'm looking at is 2007 Toyota Rav 4 Xt-r Vvt-i, 1998CC Petrol, 5DR, Manual. Is there anything I should look out for in this vehicle?
  7. Philip, thank you so much for that. I loved getting my 3dr into tight spots. I guess I'll just have to get into slightly larger tight spots? (And no, I don't bang the cars in front or behind when I parallel...) Urban Cruiser, what a name! That almost takes the top prize, but the Plymouth Prowler have beaten it to the sketchiest urban name award. But I will have a gander even if I'm trying to steer clear of anything where parts might be an issue. As I live in central London, diesel is out but appreciate your advice. CH-R is a real bruiser but out of my price bracket for a work car. It's nice, though. I do hope you're right about the 5dr RAV4. Drove my brother's in America and it was a total hog, not in a good way. Do the models make that much difference?
  8. Can I just buy your car? (Time machine back to 2014...) Looks immaculate. Yes, considered the CRV and the Suzuki, but don't know about maintenance costs and inherent problems as I've owned a Rav4 since the 90s. The Vitara is, mainly, an unattractive car, and the Terio reviews are awful. The 5dr Rav I'm testdriving tomorrow seems like a big car to find parking for in central London. Why the hell did they stop making the 3dr?? BTW thank you so much for the detailed input. I'm googling all your suggestions....
  9. Checked out the Daihatsu Terio... any other suggestions for a small car that can also go through grass, mud, rocks and ruts? All suggestions gratefully considered.
  10. Amazing! What would I do without this forum. Thank you so much! Going for a test drive Saturday, sort of excited even if this car is WAY too big for me.
  11. Okay, think I've found a replacement: 2007 RAV4 5door. Do I need to be concerned with the rear differential problem? My brother, niece and famliy friend in America have all had a problem with this. Is this so in the UK too?
  12. Vitara isn’t as good IMO, but I did consider it for a moment. Thank you for the suggestion
  13. Gentlemen (I assume Frostyballs is a man), I am very grateful for all your guidance. This has been a goldmine for me and given me tremendous advice. I also appreciate hearing all thoughts, so thank you. I'll let you know how things turn out... hopefully, they will turn out.
  14. Excellent point, thank you Frostyballs. Time is also an issue, of course. I know one cannot be emotionally attached to a car, so I'm ready to go shopping tomorrow. Maybe buy something and fight out the legals later... So glad I've found this forum. Really great to have input from people who know.
  15. That sounds rather good. (And I'm a she, but who's counting?) I will consider this quite seriously and discuss with my lawyer. I really appreciate you all weighing in on this because I haven't had to deal with this stuff before - straightforward hit & run, etc but not this. It means a lot that you're taking the time to advise.
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