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  1. Yeh but the problem got worse when I put the cat in to try to flush it out. OK at motorway speeds as the engine drowned out it's screams but it got annoying driving around town. Also, there's not many places to put down a dish of Felix, whereas those nutty fat sticks that birds like come on a string so I can tie it down. :P Thanks for the tips tho. I'll be outside with the Johnson & Johnson this afternoon. heh heh.
  2. I have one or more squeeky belts under the bonnet - mostly when it's wet outside. Once warmed up they are quiet as normal. I took it to a Toyota dealer and they said they were fine - of course as it's a drive away, the squeeks had stopped!! My local modding emporium has an aerosol product which stops this but at £5 a go, I wondered if there is a normal household/DIY product which may do the same thing. (kinda like the 1001 household carpet cleaner being £3 cheaper than the auto carpet cleaner although they are packaged near identically and both do the job in my footwells - another way of extracting extra money from motorists?) cheers
  3. I remember talking to someone from Fensport (I think) back at JAE 2003 who was making plans to fit a Celica GT4 engine and transmission in a Yaris. He had measured up the engine bay and said he could get the engine in and had looked at 4x4 conversions done in Japan. Anyone hear if this actually made it off the drawing board?
  4. Old face back on the forum. Long time no post!! well over a year I think. T-Sport for me.
  5. Yeh interested to see how that looks. I think you'll still get Kudos for having a Carbon bonnet even if it looked :censor: !! Not that I think it will - I like the C-One bonnet. I know what you mean about the silver though - the photos I've seen are on a Thunder Grey TS - the SR Silver is VERY bright. Get those photos posted!! :)
  6. Mevi

    Wots Better?

    When I bought mine, the french factory was just starting to produce models - the TS was Jap only. When mine was in for some re-soundproofing behind the dash, I asked the technician who took me out for a sound check what he thought of the French builds. He said that the first ones shipped in needed to have some bolts (don't remember which) re-torqued as they were not to tightened to the correct spec! It was quite a big deal at the time. Having owned and driven several French cars, I don't have a very high opinion of French manufacture. Peugeot/Citroen in particular. As for the soundproofing, I think all Yaris have serious rattles.
  7. Mevi


    is that wing a little wide for the car? I can imagine taking off a pedestrians head. Like that Deathrace 2000 movie. Oli, don't apologise - every opinion is valid (even if it's wrong :D )
  8. Mevi


    Yeh, I need to visit a dealer soon as mine has just reached the 2.5 years mark and I need to get all my odd & ends sorted before the warrenty runs out. My wheels are a bit ropey and show flaking and corrosion - I've only kerbed the rim of one of the alloys and the corrosion is near the hub on that wheel.
  9. Mines a bit bobbly recently. hard to describe really. A kind of nobbly-ness to the performance at low revs. I might be imagining things or it's down to the cold weather. I do a lot of miles and drive it regularly. Starts OK though. I would have thought that after the engine was running at optimum temps, the cold, dense air would improve performance... Not noticed much if any.... I guess a cold air feed would change things. OFF TOPIC: Is it me or does the exhaust sound deeper with 35K on the clock? (I hope it's not corrosion somewhere)
  10. Mevi

    Annoying Rattles

    I had some really anoying squeaks coming from the back when I first had the car which I found was the mini spare wheel sitting funny in the boot. Have a rummage around under the boot floor and check the wheel and tool kit.
  11. Mevi

    Annoying Rattles

    I wonder if the known issues also affect the 'new' Yaris too? I've been getting all the usual suspects over the years but funnily, I've gotten used to them. They add character!! he he. Mabey one day I'll dynamat all the plastics. It may be a rattler but it's never let me down once. Well, apart from the spoiler coming unstuck. :ffs:
  12. I think I just bought no.7 - one of those cheap but effective styling touches. :hokus-pokus: He didn't charge for using PayPal which is a bonus.
  13. I think th rev limiter on my YTS cuts in mid-6000s but the needle flicks almost to 7000 before settling back. It's like the rev limiter is a bit slow to react. That limiter is a real jolt if you forget to change gears! (My wife lunges forward in a comical manner every time) he he
  14. I kept the membership going for the second year for the RAC assistance ONLY - the rest of the bumf was of no interest to me. But I won't be renewing in a few weeks......... My father-in-law picked my wife and I up from Luton Airport after our holiday (very nice, thanks). He broke down in a tiny village in Herts with a slipped cam belt - the timing went and :censor: the cylinder heads/valves I think - it needed a wrecker to carry us and the car back to essex. RAC don't have their own wreckers so the sub-contract out to local garages. They would only use one garage in the area we were in and their only driver was involved in an accident - RAC wouldn't source a wrecker from another area so we had to wait SIX :censor: HOURS for the same driver to recompose himself and get another truck to use. Luckily we broke down 200 yards from a quiet pub (didn't open it's doors until 6PM) and had a meal. RAC suck *****. I think I'll go back to Green Flag as with all the problems I had with my Saxo, they never let us down - I'd say we called them out about 10 times in 2.5 years!! I'll be paying more than the £55 I pay to Toyota but it's worth it for peace of mind.
  15. I feel a little sorry for the bloke who came over from Booster Tuning in Germany. He had as much kit as would fit in his boot and seemed desperate to sell it! :( I wanted to buy some things just to cheer him up but not all of it was much good. The Yaris strut bar was a fair price - £70 - but didn't look as good as Dan's TRD part. Mabey I should have gone for the 'turbo' droopy nose part. :D :D ishnt daht vierd!
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