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  1. Thanks, I'm amazed anyone could find them comfortable actually. I've found them terrible from the start, and actually I attribute my slipped disc and resulting sciatica to spending more time in the car. It seems that they have been designed around forcing the complete opposite of every sensible ergonomic principle, and force you in the worst possible slouched position. I understand the headrest leaning forward is from a completely mistaken safety issue where the test dummy has a huge bend in the thoracis spine (seat reclined, but upper body upright, and headrests set for this literally inhuman position). Another issue I have is that the steering wheel doesn't come out far enough. I am 6 foot and if I set the seat to be comfortable for my legs the steering wheel is too far away. The back of the chair seems to be curved to force a slouched position, and then the headrest accentuates this by forcing the head and nech forward. I'm trying a variety of cushions now but strugglign to find something that works. I may have to turn the head rest around again (I tried this before). The point is the headrest should be adjustable to be 1cm away or touching the head *when in a comfortable and ergonomic seated position*. Having it projected forward like this doesn't make sense to me. I saw you tube videos of bending the rails to get it to a more sensible position so I might try this. If I adjust this to have it correctly positioned for an ergonomic seating position I don't think this would compromise safety. I just wondered if it would be possible to get a more adjustable headrest from a different vehicle to avoid changing it by force. Height adjustment is completely insufficient as well. Doesn't really help (to get it to where it would fit my head it hits the roof of the car).
  2. Hi, I have a 2013 gen 3 prius. I have always found the seats uncomfortable, but have developed a back problem and have now got some gel cushions and lumbar support to try to get a more comfortable and upright driving position. But something I can't understand is the headrests which point forwards causing my head to tilt forward off vertical and putting strain in my neck. I have read about how these are a safety feature that are designed around a test dummy with the seat at a large recline angle and an unrealisitc and unhealthy curve in the thorasic spine. But the issue is what can I do in my car now. 1/ I know some cars come with headrests where the angle is adjustable. Does anyone know if any of these would fit in a prius? (ie from a different Toyota or lexus model)? I've seen two other options. 2/ Turning the headrest round, this removes the problem but I understand is less good for safety because you don't get the head support in case of a read end collision. 3/ Bend the legs of the existing headrest with force (using a long steel pipe to leverage) to adjust to a sensible angle for your seating position (ie within a cm of the back of the head when sitting upright). I wondered if anyone had any experience with any of these, or comments on this problem in general? If I can't find anything for 1/ (I will also ask the Toyota garage) I was thinking I would buy a used headrest on ebay and try 3/. Thanks Robin
  3. Looks like it could be an XTRONS: https://www.amazon.co.uk/XTRONS-Navigation-Bluetooth-CarAutoPlay-2009-2013/dp/B095YDC7Y3?fbclid=IwAR1F-JvxzKOyF_zAgKvQogapLkbINThfC-o4vu63Qaq2t5OUrAXZtH8YOCI I have just ordered one together with: https://audiotechdirect.com/xtrons-isocbl01-loom-for-toyota-prius-with-jbl-amplified-system/ Not sure if I need a DAB aerial accessory as well. Some install pics: https://old.reddit.com/r/prius/comments/ug6eb9/upgraded_to_a_new_android_head_unit_today_heres/
  4. Yes I did check online but everything I read said it shouldn't affect your insurance, but you should notify as a modification (only realised this after taking the car in). For example: https://www.adrianflux.co.uk/blog/2020/10/how-popular-modifications-affect-your-car-insurance.html Do tinted windows affect insurance? Tinted windows won’t increase or decrease your insurance cover, provided you ensure that they are legal. While UK law states that there are no restrictions on tinting your rear windows and windscreen, the front windscreen and side-view windows do have restrictions. Legally, at least 75% of light must be allowed through the front windscreen and 70% of light through the front side windows. Appreciate Toyota Insurance is underwritten by a different company, but as its branded and adverstised as Toyota Insurance seems reasonable to refer to it by that name here.
  5. I made the mistake of going with Toyota insurance as I was so happy with our dealer and the extended warranty. Big mistake as they hiked the premium 25% for having the rear windows tinted. I would avoid in future and definitely go with one of your cheaper quotes. I found Direct Line excellent for many years. Routinely have to wait upwards of 20 minutes to get through to anyone at Toyota too.
  6. Planning a long trip and finally got the rear windows in our Prius tinted to keep the car cooler and stop direct sun falling on the dog. The number of cars I see with this seems to have increased a lot in recent years - seems like the majority of cars have it now. I am insured with Toyota and was pretty shocked that when I notified them of this it resulted in a 25% premium increase. Luckily there is not long left on the policy and it was pro-rated so just around £30 to pay. But still seems absolutely outrageous to me. Will certainly not be renewing with Toyota. Wondered if anyone else had had this issue or could recommend other insurers to look at at renewal.
  7. Thanks for all the advice. I've got plenty of experience driving in France, just not taking my car from UK (have family there). Thanks for the photo of the dot - mine has that (seems maybe even smaller but its definitely there) so I will apply the stickers. Was planning to look against a wall in the dark but I'm Scotland so not getting much darkness at the moment - would have to go out to the car in the middle of the night!
  8. Thanks. From doing some research I don't think gen 3 has HID - I think mine (2013 T-Spirit) are LED with self-levelling. I think these may have a flat beam so perhaps no stickers are necessary.
  9. Thanks - yes I can find the details (was surprised about the breatherlysers). But the Prius specific part is about the lights - do I need to put a sticker over them, or not because they are self levelling halogen (is this right for 2013 T-Spirit)? or is there some configurable option either inside the cabin or a physcial switch on the headlamp unit to switch to EU beam direction?
  10. Hi, I have a 2013 gen 3 Prius T-spirit. I was wondering what needs to be done for driving in France (mainly in terms of the lights? Do I need to get stickers? I think the T-spirit has halogen lights which I think self-level as startup). I know we need first aid kit and a triangle in the car, is there anything else to think of? Thanks for any advice
  11. I have a gen 3 Prius (2013) and I'm looking to put CrossClimate plus tyres on it. It has 17" alloys at the moment - the cheapest prices I see for 215/45/R17 are around £120 per corner fitted. But if I understand my model is also certified for 15" alloys. I can find 195/65/R15 crossclimate plus for around £75 per corner. So there is not much price difference between buying new 15" alloys and tyres (mytyres have five spoke wheel that looks pretty close to standard for around £60) and just buying 17" tyres. It could even be cheaper if I can find a good set of used Toyota alloys on ebay. I understand that the 15" tyres have better economy and smoother ride. I am mainly attracted by the smoother ride (find it a bit jarring - there are lots of potholes where I live). And then in the future replacement tyres would also be cheaper. So what would be the disadvantage? Why are the higher tier models specced with 17" if they have no advantage?
  12. That's the dealer I was at - but there was no chance. They would only sell Arnold Clark Autocare, no chance for an official Toyota. This was this summer. I guess the service plan satisfies the warrenty requirements if its an Toyota branch, but I understood it was kind of a scam as it didn't include any parts and was more a way to get you in to gouge on other things (charing for air filters, oil etc. that would normally be included in the price of a service). Anyway I didn't try them out because I wanted the Toyota warranty for a hybrid and was so unimpressed with sales trying to gouge / rip off for everything they could that I'd rather take my business elsewhere if possible.
  13. Didn't mean to start an AC bashing thread! My experience was mostly based on sales. Almost every word spoken about the car was a lie, they won't sell a Toyota extended warranty but push very hard for their own warranty (which they finally admitted doesn't cover the hybrid drive train) and service plan which seems be very poorly reviewed online. The "mats" which they more or less oblige you to take for £25 were terrible, too small and no clips which I understand could be an MOT failure. Anyway personally I would rather avoid them, although I suppose swapping out a parking sensor shouldn't have too much scope for complications. Mainly just wanted to get an idea of the price / options and whether there are any Toyota independents? There seem to be loads for German makes but haven't been able to find a garage listing themselves as an independent Toyota specialist in the Glasgow area. (Maybe it doesn't matter for this as not involving hybrid system or anything).
  14. I have had a 2013 gen 3 Prius T-Spirit for about two months. Great so far. Unfortunately I had a little touch of a wall backing up. No visible damage to the bumper, but since the the reversing / parking sensors don't work properly. The thing beeps at quite a high speed even when in completely free space, then goes to constant tone as soon as anything is remotely near. I touched the wall straight on so I guess it might be one or both of the middle sensors. Are these easy to change? Any idea how much this would be? I am in Arnold Clark country and have to drive 50 miles to get to a genuine Toyota dealer (after the experience buying the car from AC I don't particularly want to go back there). Are there any independents in the Glasgow area that could do something like this? I searched online for the part but I think I can only find third party / aftermarket kits and not the OEM single sensor.
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