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  1. There havin a larf -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just got the road tax reminder in today. For the Yaris 1.4 turbo diesel. 12 Months Rate £50.00 Last year it was £85. Yet for my bike only a 1200 cc its a whopping 12 Months Rate £62.00 Last year it was £60. How do you work that out. So its cheaper to tax and run a Car....daft or what
  2. So, What portable Sat Nav system have you fitted in the car? Where did you get it from and what price? R
  3. Well just turned 520 miles. Still 2 bars left on the fuel gauge. And I havent been hanging arround. D4d.
  4. driving my Yaris around she seems a little skittish... Try getting the tyre pressures right. After all it is a YARIS. What do you expect. Its better than a Pegeuot 106. Fiat Panda or Punto. Its a small car for goodness sake. If you want road holding and Motorway stability, VOLVO. But at a cost. Or was that why you bought a Yaris.? £85 a year road tax. 60 mpg. Volvo was £180 road tax. 30 mpg. On the motorway it drove like a tank. Never stepped out on braking, held the corners like super glue. But every 8/10,000 miles new tyres. I have had 4 up in my Yaris, with luggage. Devon to Yorkshire. Motorway most of the time, no probs with wind or corners. Just need to Reaprase how you drive. Its not like driving a Focus at all. Readjust comes to mind!!!
  5. [[quotheow the hell are you getting such a high figure??] Well there you go Devon-Guy. I didn't notice that you had a mmm. But as others have said, when you get a little more mileage on it, it will get better. No you will not get as much mpg as a manual car. One of my Volvos was an automatic, that was at least 5/8 miles p.g. less than a manual. Just one(2 really) Qs. Are you realy seriouse about that Micra. "I do much prefer my micra wish to god I had never got rid of it," Not only have I owned a Micra, for my Daughter, but I have worked on them as a Motor Vehicle Technician. Give me the Yaris any day. OK they do have their faults, but what car doesn't. (apart from Volvo). Was your Micra an Automatic? I have worked on them, what a load of, in My opinion anyway.
  6. Well I dont hang arround when I'm driving. Did Bristol last week, then next day Plymouth. So far I have 360 miles on this tank. Gauge reads about half full. Got Minehead on wednesday. So far this Yaris is giving me more mpg than my 1200cc motorbike.... Insurance. Fully comp'. Me & the Misses £155. with protected ncb. (tesco) Wife drives a Yaris 1.3 cdx. Me and Her f/c £145 different insurance comp'. What a difference from running 2 Volvos. Here in Devon we dont need such big cars now. Ray
  7. devon_guy Where abouts are you. I'm in North Devon. My D4d has jut got 10,000 miles on now. I'm still getting and have for quite a while 500 plus miles to the tank. When I fill up I take the trip reading and divide by gals used. Normally arround 60 mpg. Last tank was 62mpg. Anything over 55mpg is realy great after a Volvo 850 max 32mpg on a run, down hill following a Skoda!!! Ray
  8. Quote; "I've got a new digital type tuning box, " OK Yaris '06 where from, and How much. Ta Ray.
  9. Alan. Toyo Summer tyres PROXES T1-R 195/45 R16 80V Rim-protectionleiste * With mytyres.co.uk only £ 48.20 each including delivery.=£192.80 Plus fitting.
  10. Hi Guys. I'm still looking for a set or singles, Toyota Alloy wheels. 2003 model. Original alloys. Ta. Ray
  11. CVP2006. you started off by saying Just after the 20k service, things went bad. Have you been back and told them this? Also unless you have clobberd the kerb, the Steering wheel just doesnt go Off centre by itsself. It does sound on 1st reading, that They, the Toyota garage have done something....?? Did they in fact re-align the steering, and forgot to realign the steering wheel. But I think the first job is, to go back and tell them, it wasnt like this, untill I got it back from the service. Be polite, ask, is it possible that They have done something.????? If they insit, they have done nothing, and want to charge you, I would suggest you find a tyre dealer and get the front steering Alignment checked out. Checking takes 5 mins. IF they say its OUT, go back to the Dealer and say this is rather suspect, seeing as it was Not like this before the service. Difficult one this, but reason with the Dealer, and say that customer Confidence needs to be built on here. Good luck Ray Ps. At 20k the front tyres could well be getting worn. Check that they are ok and no bits of cord are sticking through.
  12. Quote; the best ones should be kept on the back Sorry Willya to disagree here. But Always put the Best tyres to the front. These take all the stress. Front wheel drive, main braking, steering etc,etc. Thats why they wear out faster on the front. R
  13. I have writen to HQ in Sunderland to get the gospel Thats a wast of time them. They know nothing. Just do as we said. Leave em well alone. One other reason. If you have a suspension/steering poblem arise, you will be able to identify where the said problem is. If you mess around with swoping the tyres you will never find the problem. Ok. Sorted. R
  14. "Basically, I want to check that I'm being paranoid" Quote; or basic instructions to set me the right direction? Right Alan. Head for the nearest Motorway. Follow this untill you come to the M5 Southwest. Eventually you come to Devon, take a right and follow that. I'll look at your brakes while you wait. Dont forget to bring your wet suit and Surfboard. R Haynes manual whats that.??
  15. Never used to recomend swoping tyres round. All that hapens is that all 4 end up wearing out at the same time. Just replace the two fronts when needed, and leave the rears to follow. Rears should last 3 sets of fronts out. Depending on ones type of driving. Nought wrong with changing to a different make of tyre, as long as you keep them in pairs on the front,or the rear. Dont mix them up. Ps. How many miles you getting on your tyre.? So far on My 1.3 fronts are 22,000 miles almost need new now. The D4D only done 10,000 so long way off of needing them yet. R
  16. Cant say I've had that much problem realy. Mind you living down here in Devon we drive just a little more sedately. You mention the Golf diesel. Completely different car, ie, weight etc. So not a good comparison. What wheels you got on.? I have both the 1.3 and the 1.4 D4D with the alloys fitted. These as you know are a lot wider, hence better traction and stability. I've realy only noticed a bit of high speed wind drift on the M4 bristol to London road. But at 90 mph I would expect that. Never had that prob with me Volvo 850. But thats a tank. Otherwise with the Alloys its fine. Might just be worth putting some on, if you have the steel rims. R
  17. Alan. The Front disc pads are just so easy to do. Falling off a log is more difficult. If you e.mail me, or phone I can go through it with you, and take a few piccs if you wish. ? How many miles you done? ? Have you even looked at them yet.? R
  18. Rayburn

    Toyota 1000

    Have you tried your local Motor Factors. It might be (cant remember) that the ball joints are available seperatly, and old ones have to be removed by grinding off the rivets? If so you may be able to Bolt the new ones on? As I say I cant remember without going and looking. But ask them, if they are sold sep' ok. R
  19. Try these; TOYOTA Model Yaris 1.3 VVTi Engine P Year 1999- Application Recommendation Capacity (ltr) Engine (P) Recommended Comma XTECH (j) 3.7 Alternative Comma PREMIUM FLOW (j) Manual transmission SX 75W90 GL-4 1.9 Automatic Transmission Refer to Owners Handbook 2 Differential(s) From Gearbox Coolant XSTREAM GREEN 4.1 - 4.5 Wheel Bearings MULTIPURPOSE LITHIUM GREASE No.2 Brake Fluid BRAKE FLUID DOT 3 Xtech 5w-30 Semi Synthetic - Ultimate Protection - Maximum Performance TOYOTA Model Yaris 1.4 D4D Engine DT Year 2002- Application Recommendation Capacity (ltr) Engine (DT) Recommended Comma DIESEL LITE 4.2 Alternative Comma PREMIUM LITE Manual transmission SX 75W90 GL-4 1.9 Automatic Transmission Differential(s) From Gearbox Coolant XSTREAM GREEN 4.5 Wheel Bearings MULTIPURPOSE LITHIUM GREASE No.2 Brake Fluid BRAKE FLUID DOT 3 Go to http://www.commaoil.com/ for full info. Hope this helps. Dont forget to change the Oil Filter as well. Be careful of the Hot engine oil. R
  20. Wanted. Rear Top Spoiler 5 Door Yaris 2004. Any colour as I can re-paint.
  21. [Diesel Lite 10w40 Semi Synthetic - Enhanced Protection - Supreme Performance Suitable for high performance diesel engines including turbo charged. Ultimate protection in all conditions - extremes of heat and cold. Provides supreme performance. Synthetic blend to help keep engine clean and prolong engine life. Helps reduce emissions. Service Classification: ACEA B3 B4 API CF [Petrol; Eurolite 10w-40 Semi Synthetic - Enhanced Protection - Supreme Performance Suitable for high performance engines including fuel injected and multivalved. Ultimate protection in all conditions - extremes of heat and cold. Provides supreme performance. Synthetic blend to prolong engine life. Helps reduce emissions and protects catalytic converters. Service Classification: ACEA A3 B3 API SL CF For more info on oils go to; http://www.commaoil.co.uk/ You really dont need to buy expensive oils. These are fine and readily available from Good Motor Factors. Toyota say every 10,000 miles. My experience with this is a little too long. Try 5,000 on the Diesel and 6,000 on the petrol. This will keep the engine oil looking good. Ray
  22. Ryan. You still got the Wheels? Ray
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